Rural   Commercial/Industrial

Heavy-Duty Industrial and Rural Steel Sheds in Australia

Durable, secure and economical, steel sheds are widely used as storage on rural properties and applications such as warehouses and distribution centres by commercial and industrial businesses.

Well-designed steel sheds made by Action Steel Industries offer many benefits for property or business owners, including the following:

  • Maintains a great image
  • Increases property value
  • Protects your assets
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Provides shelter 
  • Secures investments
  • Keeps equipment resale values higher
  • Boosts morale for owners and staff


Our wide range of hay sheds, farm equipment sheds, industrial and commercial steel frame buildings are cost effective solutions for all your storage or workspace needs.

We offer a range of standard spans and designs, with all engineering and drawings supplied. All our structural steelwork is hot dipped galvanised offering the ultimate corrosion protection. We use an open web truss design manufactured from Australian-made galvanised RHS, or a hot dip galvanised UB rafter.



Experts in Steel Frame Buildings, Hay Sheds & Industrial Storage Sheds

Action Steel understands the importance of having safe and secure steel frame buildings. This is why we build all of our farm machinery sheds, large industrial storage sheds and commercial sheds to last.

All our sheds are designed using the latest engineering and drafting software, and manufactured right here in Australia using premium, all-Australian materials. We have professional and competent contract erection crews who construct our top quality steel frame buildings.

Trust Action Steel to provide you with efficient service and high quality products.

Build Your Farm Machinery Sheds & Other Steel Structures with Our Help

Whether you are looking for a storage space or a workspace, we have the right solution for you.

Our commercial and industrial sheds can be altered to meet your needs. Some additions can be installed to the building to optimise its function and match operational requirements.

Don't just buy any type of steel frame building, invest in top quality sheds. Go for the long haul, insist on quality and durability. Most of all, choose the building specialists with excellent reputation—work with Action!

We have a team of builders with solid years of experience in the field and equipped with the right skills and in-depth knowledge to design and create top quality steel frame buildings.

Get in touch with our expert builders today! Call us at 03 5358 5555 or send us an email at