Premium Quality, Customisable Industrial Storage Sheds

Whether you need a workshop, a warehouse or a storage shed, a wide array of commercial and industrial storage sheds are available at Action Steel Industries to make sure your needs are met. Each building is designed specifically to cater t0 to your requirements.

At Action Steel Industries, we offer a wide range of industrial or commercial sheds that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Our flexible designs and frame types can be modified to suit numerous commercial or industrial applications.

Durable Industrial storage Sheds Built to Fit Your Specific Needs

Our range of superior quality products are suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses, showrooms, depots and other commercial or industrial applications.

We also offer plenty of customisation options for your industrial or commercial shed, to meet your business requirements or storage needs. Some popular options include windows, verandas, glass shopfronts, canopies, skillions, fire walls, wash-bays and much more.

If you want a specialised steel-framed building for your commercial or industrial property, our expert building consultants can provide you with a tailored steel building solution.

At Action, you can rely on our expertise to provide you with an industrial storage shed that meets and exceeds expectations in strength, durability and quality. 

For Your Industrial Shed and Building Needs, Contact Us Today

Our team can provide all the plans, engineering, certification and building permit documentation on any industrial sheds or steel frame buildings. This assists in making building permit approval a smooth and efficient process.

To discuss your next project, call us on 03 5358 5555 or send us an email at With many years’ experience in building durable and top quality steel frame buildings, from small to large industrial sheds, We are always happy to help!

16m (W) x 30m (L) x 5.5m (H) industrial building
21m (W) x 30m (L) x 5.2m (H) manufacturing facility
756m2 Plumbing Centre
20m span commercial building
17m (W) x 24m (L) x 5.3m (H) commercial building with external office
21m (W) x 70m (L) x 7m (H) factory with styled office complex