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The Ultimate Guide: Corrugated Iron or Trimclad?

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15 Sep 2017

One of the most important considerations when planning your shed is deciding what cladding will work best. At a glance, there may seem to be little difference between your choices, however, we have put together the ultimate guide so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Corrugated Iron (Corri) or Trimclad®? It’s a common question but an understandable one.

A closer look at Corri

With the timeless appeal of the corrugated profile, Corri cladding is a strong and versatile roofing and walling material. Having been in use since as early as the 1840’s, any shed built beyond a decade or more ago will most likely be clad with it.

  • Due to the traditional appearance of Corri cladding, most clients choose this cladding to match up with other corrugated iron sheds or rainwater tanks that may be nearby. While purely a matter of aesthetics, it might be the deciding factor, so, keep this point in mind and ask yourself what will look best on your farm.
  • The Corri cladding that Action uses is rolled out of .42 BMT (Base Metal Thickness) steel and we use the same thickness cladding for both the walls and the roof. PLUS, it is rolled in Australia, out of Australian steel.


DID YOU KNOW Another common name for Corri cladding is ‘Custom Orb’?


Corri on a 68m x 30m x 7.5m Action hay shed 

Corri on a 68m x 30m x 7.5m Action hay shed

A closer look at Trimclad®

Trimclad® is a versatile roof and wall cladding featuring bold, trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pans. It is ideal for a wide range of applications from commercial and industrial to residential buildings.

  • Due to a more modern appearance than its contemporary, Corri, Trimclad® is by far the most popular of the two cladding profiles. Its design also means it is the stronger of the two options, an important consideration for a long-term investment.


DID YOU KNOW Trimclad® can span more than 20% further between purlins than traditional Corri can?


  • Like our Corri, the Trimclad® cladding that we use is also rolled out of .42 BMT steel, and the cladding thickness is the same for the walls and the roof. Again, it is rolled in Australia, out of Australian steel.
  • There are several different names for the ‘Trimclad®’ style profile; it just depends on the supplier that you source the cladding from. Trimclad® is the name that Metroll call their product. Some other common names include Sureclad® (supplied by Striproll) and Trimdek® (supplied by Lysaght).


Trimclad® on a 56m x 30m x 7.5m Action machinery shed 

Trimclad® on a 56m x 30m x 7.5m Action machinery shed

Other options

A range of other cladding profiles are also available such as Klip-Lok®, Spandek®, Panelrib®, and the Bondor Insulated Panel range. Our Building Consultants would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

As you would expect, there are also many imported options available too, which are rolled out of inferior quality steel and should be avoided.


Our Guarantee

As a family-owned business that originated in the 1970’s, we know the importance of supporting the Australian steel industry and we do so passionately. With Action, you have the promise and reassurance of 100% Australian-made material. 

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