3 Reasons Why The Open Web Truss Design Is So Popular

The majority of Action Steel sheds have an open web truss design, with each truss fully hot dip galvanised.

A 36m Clear span web truss hay shed


There are a number of reasons why the open web truss design is so popular, here are three:

An open-webbed truss is stronger than a universal beam rafter.

This is because with a truss the entire weight of the roof is equally shared by a series of triangles inside the main frame and evenly distributed to the load bearing walls.


Open-web trusses can be used for large clear spans

With the weight of the frame distributed to the walls, open web trusses can span greater distances without needing any interior supports.

For example, a 60m (or wider) clear span can be achieved with a web truss – whereas a UB rafter is limited to around 30m clear span.


A 56m clear span web truss

A web truss for a 56m clear span hay processing shed being fabricated in the Action Steel workshop.


View some of the hay sheds completed for the 2019 hay season

An open-webbed truss is cost-effective

An open-web truss design works out to be more cost-effective than a UB rafter design because both steel and hot-dip galvanising are purchased at a per tonne rate.

A UB rafter being heavier than a web truss means you will spend money more on the steel and the galvanising process for your shed if you opt for a UB rafter.


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