Increase Productivity & Protection With Yard Covers

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Increase productivity & protection with our yard covers

Our yard covers are becoming very popular investments for livestock enterprises. Covered sheep yards and cattle yards improve your working conditions and livestock comfort and performance.

Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of Covered Yards

If you have been thinking about building a roof over your yards, it is worth considering the benefits a yard cover could bring to your farming operation.

  • Yard work can be done out of the weather, improving your working conditions and adding flexibility to your work routine – jobs usually assigned to dry days can now be completed on wet ones.
  • Improve your staff retention – safe and up-to-date facilities make a workplace a much more attractive place to work.
  • Yard covers help provide low stress and comfortable conditions for your livestock helping animal performance and productivity. 

Work With Us On Your Project

We can help you customise your yard cover design with gable infills, skylighting, hi-bay lights, custom gutter systems and ridge vents.

Our sheep and cattle yard covers can be built over existing yards or we can work with your yard supplier to cover your new yards. Talk to us about column placement and bay spacings for a yard cover the fits in seamlessly with your yard design. 

Yard Cover Options

Standard Farm Shed Sizes
& Designs

The standard shed spans and sizes we offer have been extensively researched and designed to suit agricultural and farming operations.

If you require a particular size and shape please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our shed professionals.

Span Length HeightBay Size
15m  (50ft)x24mx6m8m
15m  (50ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x40mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x32mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx6m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x48mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x64mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x80mx7.5m8m
30m  (100ft)x56mx7.5m8m

Design Options & Ideas for
Your Farm Shed

We offer a range of options to help you customise and tailor you farm shed to suit your needs.

Learn about these options and discuss your farm shed project design with our building consultants.

Australian-Made Steel Cladding

We offer two cladding profiles for your shed project – Trimclad® or corrugated iron.

While most of our farm shed build are clad with zinc cladding, we do also offer Colorbond cladding.

If you aren’t sure which options would best suit your shed project, our guide helps explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

View some of our Yard Cover projects

34m x 27m x 4.2m sheep yard cover

Harrow VIC

32m x 21m x 3.6m cattle yard cover

Culburra SA

40m x 24m x 3.6m sheep yard cover

Mortlake VIC

37.5m x 27m x 4.2m sheep yard cover

Langi Logan VIC

36m x 27m x 3m sheep yard cover

Elmhurst VIC

40m x 24m x 3.5m sheep yard cover

Cavendish VIC

51m x 27m x 4.5m bull sale arena and yard cover

Mortlake VIC

58.5m x 18m x 4.2m ram shed

Brimbago SA

31m x 27m x 4.2m sheep yard cover

Marcollat SA

28m x 21m x 3m sheep yard cover

Benayeo VIC

38m x 24m x 4.5m sheep yard cover

Kybybolite SA

37m x 34m x 4m cattle yard cover

Strathdownie VIC

38m x 37m x 4.5m sheep yard cover

Kybybolite SA

36m x 21m x 4.2m sheep yard cover

Penshurst VIC

24m x 21m x 4m sheep yard cover

Wannon VIC

30m x 24m x 3m sheep yard cover

Wingeel VIC

28m x 21m x 3m sheep yard cover

Greenways SA

28m x 24m x 3.6m sheep yard cover

Bookaar VIC

40m x 36m x 4.5m sheep yard cover

Apsley VIC

36m x 28m x 4.5m sheep yard cover

Senior SA

39.4m x 27m x 4.1m sheep yard cover

Minimay VIC

32m x 24m x 3.5m cattle yard cover

Coleraine VIC

40m x 24m x 3.5m sheep yard cover

Casterton VIC

45m x 24m x 3m sheep yard cover

Caramut VIC

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