Fully Hot-Dip Galvanised Feedlot Covers

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Fully hot-dip galvanised feedlot covers

Well-designed and high quality feedlot covers help improve animal comfort and maximise performance and productivity. 

Our beef and lamb feedlot covers are fully hot-dip galvanised and manufactured to meet industry standards, following best practice design recommendations. 

Work With Us To Construct Your Feedlot Cover

There is a lot to consider in the planning and design stages for a feedlot cover including shelter, ventilation, corrosion protection, access, hygiene and maintenance. We can help you with detailed feedlot cover designs and options that address each of these requirements.

Customise your cover with popular options include gable infills and ridge vents. Discuss your requirements with one of our building consultants. 

Feedlot Cover Options

Australian-Made Steel Cladding

We offer two cladding profiles for your shed project – Trimclad® or corrugated iron.

While most of our farm shed build are clad with zinc cladding, we do also offer Colorbond cladding.

If you aren’t sure which options would best suit your shed project, our guide helps explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

Standard Farm Shed Sizes
& Designs

The standard shed spans and sizes we offer have been extensively researched and designed to suit agricultural and farming operations.

If you require a particular size and shape please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our shed professionals.

Span Length Height Bay Size
15m (50ft) x 24m x 6m 8m
15m (50ft) x 32m x 6m 8m
18m (60ft) x 32m x 6m 8m
18m (60ft) x 40m x 6m 8m
21m (70ft) x 32m x 6m 8m
21m (70ft) x 40m x 7.5m 8m
24m (80ft) x 40m x 6m 8m
24m (80ft) x 40m x 7.5m 8m
24m (80ft) x 48m x 7.5m 8m
24m (80ft) x 64m x 7.5m 8m
24m (80ft) x 80m x 7.5m 8m
30m (100ft) x 56m x 7.5m 8m

Design Options & Ideas for
Your Farm Shed

We offer a range of options to help you customise and tailor you farm shed to suit your needs.

Learn about these options and discuss your farm shed project design with our building consultants.

View some of our Feedlot Cover projects

Feedlot Covers

38m(W) x 224m(L) cattle feedlot cover

Anakie VIC


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