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Custom covered horse arenas

If you are passionate about horses whether it be training, breeding, or simply riding, you will know that quality shedding is a must. Our horse arena covers and equine sheds are designed, manufactured and built with what is best for you and your horses in mind.

Detailed Designs For Equine Sheds

Our building consultants can help you with the details of your arena cover or shed design .

You may like to consider using roof vents to help with ventilation, skylights for natural daylight hours to help bring on that ‘summer coat’.

Having an enclosed bay is also a popular option especially for equipment or machinery storage –  and with our custom made sliding doors you will find access practical and easy.

Work with us to design, manufacture and install your dream horse arena cover or stables. 

Equine Sheds Options

Standard Farm Shed Sizes
& Designs

The standard shed spans and sizes we offer have been extensively researched and designed to suit agricultural and farming operations.

If you require a particular size and shape please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our shed professionals.

Span Length HeightBay Size
15m  (50ft)x24mx6m8m
15m  (50ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x40mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x32mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx6m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x48mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x64mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x80mx7.5m8m
30m  (100ft)x56mx7.5m8m

Design Options & Ideas for
Your Farm Shed

We offer a range of options to help you customise and tailor you farm shed to suit your needs.

Learn about these options and discuss your farm shed project design with our building consultants.

Australian-Made Steel Cladding

We offer two cladding profiles for your shed project – Trimclad® or corrugated iron.

While most of our farm shed build are clad with zinc cladding, we do also offer Colorbond cladding.

If you aren’t sure which options would best suit your shed project, our guide helps explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

View some of our Equine shed projects

45m x 15m x 3.6m horse yard cover

Miners Rest VIC

21m x 24m x 4.5m horse arena cover

Millbrook VIC

61m x 21m x 5m horse arena cover

Springfield VIC

61m x 21m x 5m riding arena cover

Springfield VIC

60m x 24m x 5.25m horse arena cover

Glenfyne VIC

50m x 24m x 4.5m horse yard cover

Gatum VIC



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