Dairy Sheds Designed To Work For Your Milking System & Built To Last

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Dairy shed designs to streamline milking and maximise production

Dairy shed designs to streamline milking and maximise production

Our quality dairy sheds are essential infrastructure for Australian dairies, improving day-to-day operational efficiencies and cow performance.

Designed To Work For Your Dairy

Rotary or herringbone, traditional or robotic – our dairy sheds are designed and built to work seamlessly with your dairy operation and milking system.

A functional custom-designed dairy shed will also keep your farm running efficiently.

To ensure that this is the case, we work closely with leading industry experts and your dairy fit-out supplier to develop a best-practice design and layout for your shed.

Built To Withstand The Daily Demands - Year In Year Out

Hot dip galvanized steel on your Action dairy shed will provide the ultimate corrosion protection in a highly corrosive environment.

All Action sheds are fully hot dip galvanized – both columns and trusses – and you can learn why, here.

Increasing Cow Comfort For Maximum Milk Yields

Providing a comfortable and low-stress environment for your cows directly impacts milk yields and overall cow performance.

There are several details to address with your dairy shed design to ensure your new build prioritises animal comfort and safety and delivers maximum results.

For example, this may be as simple as installing clear sheeting on the roof to encourage the cows to flow in and out of the shed.

Or you could consider other infrastructure projects in conjunction with your new dairy shed build such as a loafing barn or a covered feed pad.

Address The Details With Our Building Consultants

We recommend details such as site selection, drainage and effluent management and shed orientation are addressed early in the project planning stage.

Our building consultants have decades of experience in the dairy industry and can guide you through this.

Call us to book a site consultation to get your project planning underway.

Dairy Shed Options

Standard Farm Shed Sizes
& Designs

The standard shed spans and sizes we offer have been extensively researched and designed to suit agricultural and farming operations.

If you require a particular size and shape please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our shed professionals.

Span Length HeightBay Size
15m  (50ft)x24mx6m8m
15m  (50ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x40mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x32mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx6m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x48mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x64mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x80mx7.5m8m
30m  (100ft)x56mx7.5m8m

Design Options & Ideas for
Your Farm Shed

We offer a range of options to help you customise and tailor you farm shed to suit your needs.

Learn about these options and discuss your farm shed project design with our building consultants.

Australian-Made Steel Cladding

We offer two cladding profiles for your shed project – Trimclad® or corrugated iron.

While most of our farm shed build are clad with zinc cladding, we do also offer Colorbond cladding.

If you aren’t sure which options would best suit your shed project, our guide helps explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

View some of our dairy shed projects

31m x 24m x 4.5m rotary dairy shed

Allansford VIC

30m x 15m x 4.5m robotic dairy shed

Terang VIC

31m x 27m x 4.5m rotary dairy shed

Port Campbell VIC

24m x 18m x 3.6m dairy shed

South Purrumbete VIC

22m x 24m x 4m dairy with rotary fit out

Allansford VIC

22m x 24m x 4m rotary dairy

Allansford VIC

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