Farm Chemical Sheds Designed For Safety & Sustainability Compliance

Farm Sheds

Chemical sheds design for on-farm storage that meets safety and sustainability requirements.

Safe and compliant on-farm chemical storage is more important than ever, particularly for meeting sustainability requirements such as ISCC sustainable grain requirements. As a result, well-designed and well-built chemical sheds are important infrastructure for cropping enterprises. 

Meet Regulations With Safe & Compliant Chemical Shed Designs

Action chemical shed designs have been developed to help you follow chemical manufacturer’s storage recommendations and meet chemical storage regulations.

You can learn more about the Action Chemical shed range, including designs, sizes and prices here – Standard Chemical Shed Brochure (Size & Price Guide)

These designs include bunded concrete floors and ventilation options such as ridge vent and wall vents. Sliding doors or roller doors are also effectively used to provide airflow as required – in addition to providing clear access to the shed. 

Ensuring the shed is well illuminated is another important design consideration and is included in the ISCC grower self-assessment checklist. This can be achieved by installing hi-bay lighting in the shed to make tasks like mixing chemicals easier and safer. Lights installed on the shed exterior can also allow the shed to be safely used during low light hours.

There are other compliance considerations that may not impact the shed design but will need to be addressed such as shed location. 

Functional Spray Sheds & Chemical Storage Ideas

There are a number of ways that you can customise your chemical shed to ensure that your storage is functional and suits your operational requirements too – as well as being safe and compliant. 

Options that you could consider for your build include a cantilevered canopy for a covered outdoor mixing area or incorporating a drive-through sprayer section. 

A concreted apron wash-down area with drainage points is also a good inclusion. This helps maintain a high level of hygiene and prevents contamination

We also recommend taking advantage of the height of your shed by installing shelving and pallet racking. 

Our building consultants are available to discuss these options with you and provide advice on details such as practical heights and access points. 

The On Farm Chemical Shed Guide is also a great starting point for best-practice ideas including sizes and project examples. 

Chemical Shed Options

How To Safely Store Chemicals

While chemicals are a hazard and should be treated with caution, they can be safely used and stored on-farm by following manufacturer’s instructions and storage regulations. Safe chemical storage…

Standard Farm Shed Sizes
& Designs

The standard shed spans and sizes we offer have been extensively researched and designed to suit agricultural and farming operations.

If you require a particular size and shape please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our shed professionals.

Span Length HeightBay Size
15m  (50ft)x24mx6m8m
15m  (50ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x32mx6m8m
18m  (60ft)x40mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x32mx6m8m
21m  (70ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx6m8m
24m  (80ft)x40mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x48mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x64mx7.5m8m
24m  (80ft)x80mx7.5m8m
30m  (100ft)x56mx7.5m8m

Design Options & Ideas for
Your Farm Shed

We offer a range of options to help you customise and tailor you farm shed to suit your needs.

Learn about these options and discuss your farm shed project design with our building consultants.

Australian-Made Steel Cladding

We offer two cladding profiles for your shed project – Trimclad® or corrugated iron.

While most of our farm shed build are clad with zinc cladding, we do also offer Colorbond cladding.

If you aren’t sure which options would best suit your shed project, our guide helps explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

View some of our chemical shed projects

25m x 18m x 6m chemical shed with 8m canopy

Watchupga VIC

18m x 12m x 5m chemical shed

Broughton VIC

27.6m x 18m x 6.25m spray shed

Minimay VIC

21m x 12m x 4.5m chemical shed

Rainbow VIC

24m x 15m x 6m chemical shed

Streatham VIC

24m x 24m x 6.75m storage shed with canopy

Cannum VIC

16m x 12m x 6m chemical shed

Weering VIC

18m x 21m x 5m chemical shed

Murtoa VIC

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