The Action Sales & Operations Process.

Here at Action, we like to keep things as simple as possible for our customers.

And that includes our processes.

Our 5 Step Sales Process.

When you first enquire with Action

Whether you enquire through a form on our website, or make a call to our office, one of our sales consultants will clarify all your details and requirements in view of providing a full quote.

We provide a Quote

Our estimating team will price up your shed investment, and then list it all out in a quote, including a 3D sketch of the building.

This quote will be then emailed as a link to you to view online.

Your Sales Consultant will Follow-up

A few days after sending your quote, your sales consultant will follow up with a phone call to confirm you received it, answer any questions you might have and make any notes of changes you might have.


If you are happy with the proposal and would like to move ahead, you can either, 

a.) Print off a paper copy of the PDF quote, and sign it and then scan it or take a photo and email it back to your sales consultant, or 

b.) Digitally sign the quote online which will notify your consultant and send them a copy.

Thanks For Your Order!

You will receive an email from our accounts department with an invoice for the deposit amount and your project will then be handed over to the Operations team.

Our 5 Step Operations Process.

Handover to Operations

Your sales consultant will go through your job with the project manager assigned to your job and then officially hand it over to them to move forward with.

You will be Entered into our Customer Service Program

This program is a series of personalised videos that will keep you informed and up to date on what is happening with progress on your job.

The first 2 videos you will receive after placing your order will be one from Martin, our General Manager, thanking you for your order and welcoming you to Action Steel, and another one from your project manager, introducing himself.

From there you will receive a series of update videos from one of our customer support staff as your job moves through our system.

Documents & Scheduling

Drawings will be prepared, Engineering arranged, and permits applied for. Your job is also slotted into our manufacturing and delivery schedules.

Ordering & Manufacturing

When the manufacturing date rolls around, all materials are ordered, manufacturing happens and then its off to galvanizing.

Delivery of the Shed Kit to Site!

Once all your materials are all here, your new shed is delivered, ready for the erector to start!