Hay shed near a boundary

Can I Build A Shed Near A Boundary?

If you are building a shed near a boundary there are a few requirements that need to be met. In Victoria, the location of a farm shed needs to comply with a number of required setbacks.

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more about these requirements. 


  1. 20m off a local council road
  2. 100m off a main road (Highway)
  3. 5m off a property boundary
  4. 100m away from a dwelling in a different ownership
  5. 100m away from a waterway

If you are unable to satisfy these requirements, your farm shed project will need a planning permit to progress any further.

Planning permits are time-consuming; however, the Action Steel team are able to look after the application process for you. Changing the location of your shed may help you avoid having to get a planning permit (provided that there are no overlays on your property) which saves time and money.

Keep in mind though that other factors like the fire regulations that apply to your shed project may also help determine the location of your shed.

For example, as we outline in this article, a shed that is classified as a ‘farm building’ – see definition below – must be located within 60m (and not more than 90m from any part of the building) of a water supply with a minimum capacity of 144,000L i.e. a dam or water storage tank

What is a farm building?

A farm building is a building located on land primarily used for farming, that is:

  • used in connection with farming
  • In which the total number of persons accommodated at any one time does not exceed one person per 200m2 of floor area, up to a maximum of 8 persons.
  • with a total floor area of not more than 3,500m2

Workshops, dairy’s, shearing sheds and larger-scale hay sheds (over 2,000m2) are all examples of ‘Farm Buildings’.

Hay shed near a boundary

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