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Common Calf Sicknesses & How A Calf Shelter Can Help

Time and money are needed to care for sick calves – and if the disease spreads and infects others it can impact the overall health, performance and profitability of the whole herd. 

Common calf sicknesses include:

How can a calf shelter help?

A well-designed calf shelter helps you provide better care to vulnerable calves, allowing you separate the sick animal/s from the rest of the group and provide focused treatment and care.

Additionally, a calf shelter with good ventilation and protection from the prevailing weather will actively help prevent hypothermia and heat stress.

The team at Action can help ensure your calf shelter also has good drainage which is important for limiting the spread of scours and keeping the flooring dry and comfortable

To learn more about the benefits of a calf shelter shed, talk to one of our building consultants.

Project Ideas

dairy and calving shed

An open-front shed is a versatile option for a calf shelter as it can be used for storage when not required. 

calving shelter with 3 sides and dairy shed

This calf shelter shed features sliding doors at each end for quick access, making it easy to keep the shed clean and tidy.

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The team at Action are always happy to help you with your shed project and can help make sure your calf shelter meets industry regulations.

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