Durable and Secure Farm Equipment Sheds

Machinery such as tractors, headers, air seeders and vehicles are necessary for farming operations. To maintain their value and function, this equipment should be protected from harsh weather conditions and other elements, and stored in a durable farm machine shed.

At Action Steel Industries, our high quality farm equipment sheds and rural steel buildings are built to withstand the demands of farm life as well as the harsh Australian climate. Our steel frame buildings provide complete protection and security, helping farmers and owners maintain top condition of their equipment.

Browse Our Range of Heavy-Duty, Quality Steel Farm Machine Sheds

Every farmer knows that farm equipment housed in farm machinery sheds and kept out of the elements operate much better, last longer and are worth far more when the time comes to trade them in.

As a leading steel building specialist in Australia, we provide durable and long-lasting equipment sheds, hay sheds and industrial storage sheds that are designed to meet various demands.

Our durable sheds and steel frame buildings are built tough to protect your equipment, livestock and produce. Made of premium quality materials, our range of products are durable and long-lasting. We use the latest technology to design and engineer quality farm equipment sheds and other steel buildings that protect machinery from harsh weather conditions and rust.

Discuss Your Farm Machinery Shed Requirements with Our Building Specialists

Whether it’s used as a workspace for your day-to-day farming operations, or built for storing machinery—you’ll find the ideal steel frame building that suits your needs from our wide range.

Our expert drafting team made use of the latest engineering software to create superior quality steel frame building options, including large industrial sheds, to meet your needs. You can choose sheds with sliding or roller doors, large door openings, personal access doors, and many other features to meet your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss specifications for your farm machinery sheds. We can help you design and construct the ideal steel frame building for rural, commercial or industrial applications. At Action, we’ve got your needs covered!

12m (W) x 22.5m (L) x 5.5m (H) machinery shed with provision for future walls
24m (W) x 52.5m (L) x 6.8m (H) open ended shed ensures excellent storage of long implements
24m (W) x 38.5m (L) x 6m (H) machinery shed with enclosed workshop bay
12m (W) x 24m (L) x 6m (H) machinery shed with two bays enclosed with sliding doors for workshop
18m (W) x 46.2m (L) x 6m (H) open-fronted machinery storage shed
15m (W) x 30m (L) x 6m (H) open-ended machinery shed
36m (W) x 63m (L) x 7.5m (H) open fronted machinery shed for ag contractor
21m (W) x 30m (L) x 6m (H) machinery shed with girder beam to provide 12m opening