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Half Round Shed Gutter Versus Custom Shed Gutter (Which Is Best?)

Let’s talk about gutters for sheds. Or more specifically a half round shed gutter versus a custom shed gutter. And which is best. 

Gutters are a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked when building a farm shed.

Having an effective gutter system on your shed allows you to easily capture and store rainwater. And it can help keep water out of your shed.

A strong gutter design is also important, to ensure your gutter can withstand storms and downpours.

But which gutter system is best?

We are often asked about half-round gutters. What are they? Should I include one on my shed? Are they more expensive?

And then there is our custom gutter system. How does it work? What size is it?

If you aren’t 100% sure which option is the right fit for your shed, then we hope this article will be a helpful guide for you. 

We asked our building consultants to explain the pros, cons and prices of the different gutters, and what gutter they recommend for farm sheds.

So, here’s what our building consultants had to say about shed gutters. 

Half Round Gutters – What Are They?

Half round gutters, as the names suggests, are a gutter system with a curved base. 

half round gutter system comes in a variety of different widths. 

The width required will depend on the size of the roof and how many downpipes you want; however, they would generally be around 250mm wide.

Pros, Cons & Prices

The advantages or ‘pros’ of a half round gutter on your shed are:

  • All storm water can be directed to one end, or both ends of the shed
  • Storm water runs easily with minimal build-up of water or dirt in the gutter
  • The curved shape allows the gutter to self-clean

The main ‘con’ or disadvantage of a half round gutter on your shed is the cost. A half round gutter can cost twice as much as our standard custom guttering!

So, how much do they cost?

Generally, you can expect to pay around $80/m extra for half round gutters (more than standard slotted fascia gutter). The price does depend on the size and design of your shed though.

Custom Gutters – What Are They?

We don’t have a fancy name for our gutter system, but you may have heard it referred to as the Action custom gutter system.

We should point out that while this gutter system is ‘custom’ it is now included as the ‘standard’ option on our farm shed projects.

Our custom guttering is a 200mm (wide) x 160mm (deep) custom rolled gutter, which is supported by 8mm thick, hot dipped galvanised brackets. At either end of this gutter (on the corner of your shed) will be a rainhead sump which the water runs into. The water then exits out of the bottom of this sump through a large PVC stormwater pipe.

shed gutter

Pros, Cons & Prices 

The advantages or ‘pros’ of including an Action custom gutter system on your shed are:

  • All storm water can be directed to one end, or both ends of the shed
  • Makes plumbing up your shed quick and easy
  • The width of the gutter, and the fact that all of the support brackets are external, reduces the amount of leaves that are trapped in the gutter 
  • The most cost-effective large guttering option

While we may be biased, there are no real ‘cons’ of choosing an Action custom gutter system. There might be some instances where we would recommend a different type of gutter, though. For example, a box gutter is usually required for a gutter between two gable roofs. 

When it comes to price, you can expect to pay approximately $40/m more for a custom gutter system (over and above the cost of a standard slotted fascia gutter)

So, what is the verdict?

Half Round Gutters Versus Custom Gutters – Which Gutter Is Best For Your Shed?

Sometimes the gutter that you choose for your shed build can come down to your personal preference. 

Or it might depend on the type or size of your shed build. Or your budget. 

But our standard custom guttering is by far the most popular option. This is largely due to the fact that it is the more cost-effective option. And it more-or-less achieves the same result as a half round gutter. Win-win!

For example, a custom gutter system on a 48m x 24m x 6m open-front shed will cost approx. $4,000. By comparison, a half round gutter on a shed the same size will cost around $8,000!

So, keep these points in mind.

There you go! That is a summary of pros, cons and prices for your shed gutter options. We hope it has helped you work out which will be best for your shed.

If you would like more information on shed gutters or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call

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