shed site preparation

How Do I Prepare The Site For My Shed?

A new shed is an important investment, so it is worth doing the site preparation properly. 

Here are several tips and suggestions on how to prepare the site for your shed – or watch the video below on preparing the ideal shed pad. 

Prepare the shed pad

  • It is always best to prepare the pad for your shed prior to the shed being erected. It is very difficult to spread fill/gravel around the columns and under wall cladding after the shed is installed.
  • Prepare your shed pad well in advance. Allow it to consolidate for a few weeks prior to shed installation and fill in any low spots that may appear during this period.
  • Ensure that the shed site is as level as possible. This makes erection a lot simpler, and the finished product a lot neater.
  • Ensure that you consider drainage when deciding on and preparing your shed site. We always suggest that you build the entire site up at least 200mm so that water keeps out of your shed.


  • Ensure that the shed pad is about 6 metres wider and 6 metres longer than the proposed shed. This allows for a 3 metre clearance around the full perimeter of the shed which enables scissor-lift access for our installers to clad the walls efficiently.
  • Keep in mind that when lifting a shed, each crane requires at least 8 metres of space (parallel to the shed) to operate.
  • You may also want to have a rainwater tank positioned beside the shed, so factor this in when preparing your shed pad
  • Don’t forget to do some work on the lead-up and entry of the shed, too.
shed site preparation


  • The best material to use on your shed site can vary on your location, and what options there are in your vicinity. Obviously the closer you bring the material in from, the least amount of cost. Like with everything though, be careful not to sacrifice quality for price!
  • Some common materials used are limestone and gravel.

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