Installing A Canopy On Your Shed

Canopies are becoming a common addition to farm shed projects – especially for hay shedsmachinery sheds and machinery workshops.


Benefits of Installing A Canopy

  • As there are no columns on the outside of the canopy, wide gear can be driven in undercover for storage or maintenance without being folded up.
  • Machinery repairs and maintenance can be carried out undercover and out of the weather.
  • Provides extra protection from the prevailing weather, preventing weather damage to your hay or machinery.
  • Provides quick and easy shelter for machinery in sudden inclement weather.
  • Trucks can be loaded or unloaded under cover and out of the weather.

If you aren’t sure if you would find a canopy beneficial, provision for adding a canopy in the future can made when manufacturing your shed.


Here is a selection of projects with canopies for ideas and inspiration.


Action Steel Machinery Workshop Shed with canopy

Action Steel Machinery Workshop Shed

A 45m x 24m x 8.5m machinery workshop with 12m cantilevered canopy, Murtoa VIC.

  • The canopy provides sheltered access to the side sliding door.
  • Wide farm machinery can be parked under the canopy without needing to be folded up to get inside the shed for maintenance or servicing.
  • Hi-bay lights suspended from trusses make the canopy a useful addition – it can be used for shelter or repairs at any time.

Action Steel Hay Shed With Canopy

A 48m x 24m x 7.5m hay shed with 6m canopy, Brim VIC.

The canopy and an extra bay were added to this shed in 2019 (the original 40m x 24m x 7.5m shed was built in 2014) making the bale capacity 2,740 big squares –  3,300 if the canopy is filled with bales too!


Action Steel Machinery Shed with canopy

Action Steel Machinery Shed with canopy for extra protection and shelter from weather

A 68m x 24m x 7.5m machinery shed with 6m canopy, Wilkur VIC.

  • This canopy is used for providing further protection for machinery inside the shed. The canopy also allows longer machinery (such as a full-length B-Double) to be stored fully under cover when required.

Action Steel Hay Shed with canopy and end wall under construction

A 56m x 36m x 9m hay shed with 12m canopy under construction, Brim VIC.

  • This hay shed has a bale capacity of 4,700 big squares and the canopy allows under cover loading and unloading.
  • Having an end wall clad means extra protection from the prevailing weather.


If you have any questions about canopies or would like to discuss your shed project, call us on 1800 68 78 88.


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