should i install a tank next to my shed

Should I Install A Tank Next To My Shed?

There are a number of really good reasons to install a tank next to your new shed. Some of these reasons include meeting fire design requirements and capturing the run-off from the roof.

Installing a tank to meet fire regulations

Does my new shed require a water tank?

In Victoria if your shed is classified as a Farm Building it must be located within 60 metres (and not more than 90 metres from any part of the building) of a water supply with a minimum capacity of 144,000L.

Water storage tank/s with approved CFA fittings are one way to meet this fire design requirement for your shed.

To find out if your shed is classified as a Farm Building, read our article; What Are The Fire Design Requirements For Farm Sheds In Victoria?

hay shed with tanbks

Installing a tank to capture shed roof run-off

An impressive amount of water can be captured from your shed roof and the advantages of this are obvious, whether it is for back-up water storage, livestock or part of your drought management.

For example, this 270-metre-long hay shed at Warracknabeal will have a yearly run-off of 2.84 megalitres! (based on an annual rainfall of 390mm)

How much rainwater can I collect off my shed roof?

To work out how much water you will be able to harvest from your shed roof, try out the calculator from Pioneer Water Tanks Mildura & Horsham.

270 metre long hay shed

Pioneer Water Tanks Mildura and Horsham cover all North West Victoria including Mildura, Swan Hill, Robinvale, Horsham, Hopetoun, Ouyen, Kaniva, Nhill, Birchip, Dimboola, Casterton, Minyip, Brim, Beulah, Lah, Jeparit and Edenhope.

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Can I build a shed near a boundary?

In Victoria, the location of a farm shed needs to comply with a number of required setbacks.

Can I build a shed near a powerline?

If the site location you have selected for your new shed is near or under a power line, there are several restrictions and requirements that you need to be aware of.

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