Three Reasons Why We Love Beef And You Should Too

Australia produces 3% of the world’s beef supply and we can ‘steak’ our claim as the third largest beef exporter in the world.  Despite this, and the fact that Australians eat more red meat than anyone else, beef is now the third most popular meat for Australian households.

Here are 3 reasons to show beef a little more love.

1.       It’s an Aussie thing

Cattle were brought to Australia with the First Fleet to help the development of the country, but they soon escaped (this seems to be a recurring theme!). The elusive cattle quickly adapted to their new environment and increased in number until the commercialisation of cattle farming.

This commercialisation, bolstered by the gold rush in the mid-1800s, helped build the foundations of not only a flourishing industry but the Australian culture. From the great Sir Sidney Kidman to a pie and sauce at a football game, beef has undeniably left its mark on Australia.

2.       It’s good for you

When you’re thinking about beef it’s not hard to envisage yourself enjoying a tasty morsel of the aforementioned meat, BUT do you ever consider everything else beef has going for it? According to MLA, “Red meat provides a unique bundle of nine essential nutrients” including:

·         Iron (creates haemoglobin to carry oxygen around the body)

·         Zinc (strengthens the immune system)

·         Vitamin B12 (supports the nervous systems)

·         Omega-3s (supports normal brain function)

·         Protein (assists growth and development)

·         B group vitamins (niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6) and Phosphorus (produce energy from food)

Check out for information on Australian beef along with tips, techniques, nutrition and recipes. 

3.       It’s good for our economy

A glance at the MLA Fast Facts and you soon realise that beef doesn’t only have health benefits, it’s good for our economy as well. The numbers speak for themselves.

·         A$12.7 billion gross value of Australian cattle and calf production.

·         Cattle are estimated to have contributed 20% of the total farm value of A$62.8 billion.

·         Approx. A$8.5billion domestic expenditure on beef and 26 kg of beef consumed per person.

·         The total beef and veal export value of A$7.1 billion.

·         Australian live cattle exports were valued at A$1.2 billion with 907 965 head exported.

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