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What Are The Benefits Of Open Front Farm Sheds?

Open front farms sheds (three sides enclosed) are a highly versatile and extremely popular shed across Australia.

Commonly used for hay sheds, machinery sheds and calf sheds, here are some of the benefits of the open front configuration.

Storing Hay

Open front farm sheds are fantastic for storing hay.

  • Protecting hay from the weather is important for maintaining the quality of your hay and an open-fronted hay shed provides the best protection possible.
  • Baled hay can spontaneously combust if moisture levels are too high. Open front hay sheds allow easy access to your hay to make testing the hay with a moisture probe very straightforward. The open side also provides air movement around the bales.
  • Open front hay sheds allow easy access to and from the shed when moving large amounts of hay, especially when designed with large bays.

Storing Large Farm Machinery & Equipment

Open front sheds are easy to access which makes them a great place store large machinery.

  • The addition of sliding doors to the back wall or end wall/s can make accessing and storing your machinery even quicker and easier.
  • A girder truss can be used to create a wider bay opening, if required.
  • An open front machinery shed also provides protection from the weather which will help you keep your equipment in good working order.  We generally recommend that you face your shed east to keep your machinery sheltered from the prevailing weather.
dairy shed and calf shed

Calf Shelters

Open front sheds are commonly used for calf shelters, keeping calves dry and safe while also providing good ventilation and access.

A Versatile Investment

Open front sheds can be utilised a number of different ways and they can be easily extended in the future by adding on additional bays.

Browse our latest projects gallery to view our recent shed builds and get ideas for your farm shed project.

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