64m x 24m x 7.5m open-front machinery shed with 6 metre canopy

What Configuration Will Work Best For My Machinery Shed?

When planning and designing your machinery shed, spend some time to make sure you select the configuration that will work best for your shed.

In this article we will discuss the different configuration options to help you make the decision. Or you may prefer the video below with Lennie discussing some of the finer details.

Open Front

  • Most versatile storage as it can also be used for hay or grain.
  • Can include wide openings such as girder beams or girder trusses which involves removing a column.
  • The open side generally provides enough light within the shed to be able to locate particular machinery/items efficiently during daytime without the aid of lights. 
  • Canopies are a popular addition to open-front machinery sheds and provided extra protection for your machinery.
Action steel machinery shed with canopy


  • Allows you to unhook implements undercover – or don’t unhook them at all.
  • Ideal for machinery that is difficult to reverse such as air seeders and B-doubles.
  • Most cost-effective way to store long machinery and the most cost-effective option for wide access.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Quick shelter for headers during harvest of weather conditions change suddenly – you don’t have to remove the header front!
  • You are not limited to parking between the columns, so you may be able to store more machinery in your shed.
  • You can load/remove machinery from both ends of the shed, meaning that you won’t have to unload a whole bay in order to remove some required machinery from the very back of the shed (as can be the case in an open-fronted shed).
machinery shed configuration

Fully Enclosed

  • The most secure way to store machinery.
  • Limits the possibility of losing items through theft.
  • Offers complete protection from the elements.
  • Can easily incorporate a workshop.
  • Easier to keep clean being the most ‘dust-proof’ option.
  • More difficult for birds to enter and nest in.

We hope this overview helps you with your shed project, and remember our building consultants are available to discuss your configuration options. 

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