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What’s The Best Bay Spacing For Your Farm Shed?

The best bay spacing for your shed will depend on what works for you. In this article we discuss the bay widths that we generally recommend using for hay sheds and machinery sheds. If you would like to discuss other bay spacing options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Bay spacings for hay sheds

The most cost-effective and practical bay spacing for hay sheds is 8 – 8.5 metres (26’ – 28’). The advantage of these bay widths is that they allow three big square bales to be stacked between the columns while providing effective air movement around the bales.

Bay widths of 8 – 8.5 metres also ensure that access is quick and easy when loading or unloading the shed.

Bay spacings for machinery sheds

When it comes to machinery sheds, we generally recommend bay spacings of 8 – 9 metres. These bay widths are becoming more popular as they ensure there is ample room when moving large farm machinery.

Wider bay openings

When a wider bay opening is required, particularly for cropping operations, a girder truss can be used to achieve a double bay opening. This allows easy access for machinery like air seeders.

A drive-through configuration can also work well in these situations and allows you to make full use of the length of the shed.

Talk to our team to determine what bay spacing to use on your shed project or learn more about the configuration options for your machinery shed.

Hay shed with girder trusses

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