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Where Should I Build My Shed?

One of the first considerations when building a new shed is deciding where to build your shed.

If you do have a number of options for your shed site location, keep these points in mind.

The purpose of the shed

What you will be using your shed for will help determine the best location for it.

For example, a farm machinery shed should have easy access to local or private roads and with access to areas where it is possible to reposition or service large items such as tractors, trucks and headers.

If you are planning on running noisy equipment inside the shed, you may want to choose a site well away from buildings such as offices or your house.

The size of the shed

The dimensions of the shed will impact where it can be placed, especially if you are planning to build your shed in an area where planning restrictions apply. If this is the case, confirm that your site meets local planning regulations before beginning construction.

Choose a site that will allow you to extend existing sheds or add new sheds in the future.

The access requirements

Ensuring the site can be accessed by vehicles and machinery is an important factor in choosing where your shed should be built.

For example, a hay shed will need to be positioned to allow hay to be easily loaded and unloaded.

The site terrain

Uneven sites will need to be built up and levelled, while others may have poor drainage. Carefully assess your site for any issues that may impact on your shed build.

shed site prep

The weather

Keep in mind the weather and environmental conditions that your shed will be exposed to.

This is particularly important for sheds like sheep yard covers and hay sheds.

Choosing the correct orientation for your shed helps minimise exposure to wind and rain. Learn more about this in our article; Which way should my shed face?

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