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10 Things To Do Around The Farm This Summer

Farming in the summer requires close attention to farm fire safety, water sources and safe hay storage.

10 things you could do around the farm this summer

1. Take a break. Plan a few days rest in the holiday season, you deserve it! During this time reflect on your goals for the new year and what you want to achieve on your farm.

2. Keep an eye on your fences and electric wires in the case that the uncut roadside growth seems more appealing to livestock as paddock feed drops.

3. As the paddock feeds drops, gradually introduce stock to grain and hay to allow their stomachs to adjust to the higher starch content.

Find out the starch content of different grains and how digestible your feed actually is.

4. Check that your first aid kits are up to date and contain all the necessary supplies for any emergency that might come up. Have kits in all high injury risk areas e.g. in workshops and on machinery.

Some of the things to include:

  • Adhesive dressings
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antiseptic spray
  • Bandages, triangular bandages
  • Disposable gloves
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5. Service dam pumps and make sure that low levels of water don’t affect supply or cause problems with the pump. Review your water storage and make sure that it is up to scratch.

6. Move stock to secure paddocks and switch off electric fences during prime fire conditions. (While fires caused by electric fences are rare they can still occur.)


7. Review your fire safety and ensure you have a fire safety plan implemented that everyone on the farm is aware of. Include a plan for your livestock such as the one suggested in point 6.

8.  If you have hay stored on the farm (either in a hay shed or out in the paddock), monitor it closely to prevent the chances of it combusting.

9. Make sure all your machinery is maintained and that any needed repairs are made. This is particularly important during the fire season and helps keep your machinery in the best possible condition.

Three 64m x 24m x 7.5m open-front hay sheds

10. Stay aware of the weather forecasts, and act accordingly.

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