machinery shed and workshop

10 Tips To Keep Your Machinery Safe & Secure

Here are common sense tips to keep your machinery safe and secure. 

This list includes suggestions help you keep your machinery maintained and simple security measures to reduce the chance of being a victim of theft.

1. Don’t leave the keys in quad bikes and any other vehicles.

2. Store vehicles, machinery and any tools you have in your machinery shed when you’re not using them, or when you go away.

Farm machinery sheds that can be locked add another layer of difficulty for anyone looking to steal your property.

3. Consider adding immobilisers or GPS trackers to your tractors and vehicles.

Not only do they act as a deterrent against thieves, should your vehicle be stolen, you’ve got a better chance of getting it back.

machinery shed and workshop

4. Install security lighting.

Security lighting is a great deterrent to thieves as it will come on if any movement is detected, illuminating anyone in the vicinity.

5. Keep farm gates and sheds locked.

It’s one thing to have a gate or an enclosed shed but leaving it wide open defeats the purpose. If your gates and sheds are locked, a thief has to break in and if they’re looking to drive away with your vehicle, they’ll need to unlock the gates to get out.

6. Invest in a machinery maintenance work shop shed.

7. Pump up the tires. That includes trucks, trailers and tractors. They all work a whole lot better with the right tire pressure.

8. Regularly check the oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil and oil filter on your machinery and vehicles. Doing this diligently will save you maintenance costs down the track.

9. Regularly check the tensions on belts and chains, inspect bolts and pins to make sure they are not broken or loose, and keep an eye on the bearings.

It’s important to give your machinery a going over after any prolonged or heavy work i.e. at seeding or harvest, to minimise the risk of break down or accidents.

10. Whenever you’re using equipment and tools, take notice of any unusual sounds or odours that could be a sign of trouble ahead.

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