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Featured Project – An 18 Metre Span Bull Sale Arena Shed

The new bull sale arena shed built for Mount William Charolais was one of the many highlights of their successful 23rd Annual Bull & Female Sale.

The team here at Action Steel are proud to have a small part in this story, collaborating with Te Pari to design and build the new bull sale arena shed facility. Read on to learn more about Mount William Charolais, sale results, project details, photos and videos.

Mount William Charolais at Willaura

About Mount William Charolais: Stud History

Founded in 1969 by the late RM Barr Smith, Mount William Charolais is one of Australia’s foundation Charolais herds and has a rich history with over fifty years of breeding. 

Through careful selection and the use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer, Mount William has bred distinctly Australian type Charolais suited to the Australian climate and markets. The deep established female herd base allows the stud to produce consistent even lines of bulls and females.

The herd was based on British and French genetics – which you can learn more about here – while more recently US and Canadian blood has been used.

About The Project: A Bull Sale Arena Shed

“It was immensely relieving that the complex that we have invested a lot of time and energy into worked as well as it did. The comfort and the flow of the sale complex worked really well, the cattle were relaxed and comfortable, which was one of our goals.” – Rob Abbott, Mount William stud principal

bull arena shed built by Action Steel

Size: 34m x 18m x 4m

Location: Willaura VIC

Build date: January 2022

The bull sale arena shed is a well-planned project with attention paid to even the smallest detail, including the careful thought Rob put into the placement of the building to capture the spectacular Grampians view from the sale grand stand. 

This attention to detail was also essential in our collaboration with Te Pari to ensure the shed design worked in seamlessly with the yards and cattle entry into the sale ring.

Other features of the new sale complex shed (when completed) include:

  • Enclosed bay for office and bar / entertaining area
  • Concrete floor
  •  Skylights in the roof for excellent use of natural light in the sale arena
  • Woodland Grey Colorbond cladding to the walls
  • The Corten steel plasma-cut sign supplied by Action

Mount William Bull & Female Sale Results

The Mount William Charolais 23rd Annual Bull and Female Sale set another new record for their on-property average, beating their 2018 sale average by $54!

bull sale arena shed
  • 40 of 43 bulls sold to $23,500 at an average of $8,256
  • 27 of 27 heifers sold to $6750 at an average $4,111
  • Lot 1, Mount William Rome was the top priced bull at $23,500
  • Lot 3, Mount William Rhode Island was the second top-priced bull, purchased for $22,000

“We are looking forward to next year’s sale already.” – Rob Abbott, Mount William stud principal

Congratulations Rob and Victoria on the success of your sale and the new sale complex, and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this new step in the journey at Mount William Charolais!

With the videos and photos, we captured, we’ve put together this short film which we believe captures the heart of Mount William Charolais.

Like Rob, we are looking forward to the next sale already, and seeing Mount William Charolais continue to thrive!


Similar Sale Shed Projects

A custom designed and built sale shed is an excellent way to make a positive impression at your next on-farm ram sale or bull sale. It is worth noting that many of these facilities are multi-use and can double-up as machinery storage when not in use. 

If you are planning an on-farm sale shed build, here are some other recently completed projects for ideas and inspiration.

Athlone Ram Sale shed

Ram Sale Shed For Athlone Poll Dorset & Southdown Stud

Athlone rams are bred to produce fast-growing and high-yielding lambs, primarily for the commercial market.

Situated near Penshurst in Western Victoria, Athlone rams are bred tough and honest – only ever grass-fed, so what you see is what you get.

Size: 40m x 18m x 5m

Location: Penhurst VIC

Build date: February 2019

Ram Sale Shed For Wurrook Fine & Superfine Merino Wool Stud

Breeding from over 5000 stud ewes, Wurrook has one of the largest Merryville blood fine and superfine wool gene pools in the country.

Size: 24m x 21m x 4.6m 

Location: Rokewood VIC

Build date: November 2020

Talk to the team at Action Steel to find out how we can help you with your farm shed project or browse our Learning Hub for more interesting and useful articles.

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