4 Of The Best Five-Bay Shed Designs

A five-bay farm shed is a versatile and cost-effective storage option for both hay and machinery.

Our range of sheds include several five-bay shed designs with a number of standard spans and configurations available for you to customise your project.

Here are four of our most popular five-bay sheds.

The 40m x 15m x 6m design

Roof only 5 bay hay shed

While not as common as other shed sizes, this design has increased in popularity recently, particularly for hay storage (stores approx. 1075 big square bales).

Although an open front three-sided configuration is recommended for hay storage, provision can easily be made for cladding the walls in future.

An eave height of 6.75m is also a common option as it allows big square bales to be stacked 7 bales high. Generally, a height of 6 metres works well for machinery storage as it is adequate height for most common farm machinery.

The 40m x 18m x 6m design

A 5 bay Action Steel machinery shed

This shed design is commonly chosen for either hay or machinery storage and has the capacity to store approx. 1260 big square bales. 

If the shed is being used for hay storage, the height is often increased to 6.75m (7 bales high) or 7.5m ( 8 bales high) as increasing the height of the shed can be a cost-effective way of fitting a few more bales in.

However, the best height for your hay shed is usually governed by the capacity of the equipment available to load/unload the shed.

The 40m x 21m x 7.5m design

This shed size design is also growing in popularity and stores approx. 2040 big square bales.

The 40m x 24m x 7.5m design

A 5 bay Action hay shed

By far the most popular of our 5-bay shed designs, this shed is primarily built for hay storage and stores approx. 2280 big square bales.


Common bay spacings for all of these standard size sheds are 8 metres – 8.5 metres. These bay widths work well for both hay and machinery storage, which you can learn about here.

And, remember, all of these shed designs can be customised with custom gutter systemscladding profilehay bumps and other features – and can be extended in the future.

To learn more about our standard size range which has been designed specifically for the agricultural industry, call 1800 68 78 88 to talk to a building consultant.


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