Farm Chemical shed projects

6 Farm Chemical Shed Projects To Inspire Yours

Chemical shed projects on the cards? Safe and compliant on-farm chemical storage is more important than ever! 

A well-designed and built chemical shed is an excellent way to ensure your chemical storage successfully addresses both safety and compliance. 

On-farm chemical shed projects were popular in 2023 and this trend is expected to continue in 2024 with a strong industry focus on chemical safety, and more broadly, overall farm safety. 

So, we thought it would be timely to share some recent chemical shed projects and spray shed builds. 

6 Farm Chemical Shed Projects To Inspire Yours 

Looking to upgrade your on-farm chemical storage?

We hope these projects provide some ideas and inspiration to help you get your project planning underway, whether it is a new build or an upgrade. 

Farm Chemical shed projects

First up is a spray shed. 

1. 18 Metre Span Spray Shed At Minimay 

Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 3

Size: 26m (L) x 15m (W) x 5m (H) 

Location: Minimay VIC 

To learn about more Action shed projects in this area, download our West Wimmera brochure.

Build Date: 2022 

This spray shed is a unique size as it was designed to fit in with existing infrastructure. 

One of the ways we accommodated this was to include non-standard bay spacings of 6.5 metres. 

Other details of this project are the enclosed gable end for shelter from the prevailing weather and open sides which allow quick and easy machinery access. 

Pallet racking and shelving have been used for chemical storage and take advantage of the 5-metre shed height.  

2. 15 Metre Span Chemical Shed  

This chemical shed project has been one of the most popular over the past 12 months and has inspired similar builds.  

Size: 24m (L) x 15m (W) x 6m (H) 

Location: Streatham VIC.  

Learn about more recent projects in the Western District of Victoria, here. 

Build Date: 2022 

Building A Chemical Shed - fully enclosed

View the photos below to see the project in more detail including the bunded concrete floor, access points, shelving and concrete wash down area.  

Building A Chemical Shed
Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 8

This shed could be considered a textbook design or a blueprint because it is a functional set-up that can be easily replicated or tweaked to suit your chemical storage requirements. 

Additionally, the standard size span and bay widths make this a cost-effective chemical shed design option. 

Features to note include the ridge vent, which helps provide effective ventilation in the shed. The sliding doors can also be opened for airflow to help remove vapours and fumes when working. It is also a good idea to carefully plan these access points to ensure safe exit in case of an emergency.  

3. 12 Metre Span Chemical Shed 

For small scale chemical storage, this shed is a great way to do it, effectively utilizing a two-bay design. 

Again, as with other projects in this list, sliding doors prove beneficial for access and airflow and shelving helps maximise the full potential of the shed space. 

Size: 16m (L) x 12m (W) x 6m (H) 

Build Date: 2020 

Location: Weering VIC 

Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 2

4. Multi-Purpose Storage Shed Design 

If you are looking to create a versatile storage shed design for your chemical storage, this project will provide excellent inspiration! 

 Size: 24m (L) x 24m (W) x 6.75m (H) with 6 metre canopy 

Location: Cannum VIC 

View more Action projects in the Wimmera region, here. 

Build Date: 2022 

One of the highlights of this design is the cantilevered canopy. This provides quick and easy sheltered access. 

Hi-bay lights suspended from the truss structure also allow the shed to be safely used in lowlight hours. 

How much does it cost to build a chemical shed (1)

Please note, that it is important that if you choose a multi-use shed design to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage. 

5. 12 Metre Span Chemical Shed At Murtoa 

Here is an example of another 12-metre span chemical shed design and it also ticks all the required boxes: 

  • Effective ventilation with ridge vent and whirly birds  
  • Well-planned access and exit points  
  • Shelving systems 
  • Bunded concrete floor and drainage points 

Size: 18m (L) x 12m (W) x 5m (H) 

Location: Murtoa VIC 

Build Date2020 

Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 4
Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 5

6. 12 Metre Span Chemical Shed With Open Storage 

Finally, we’re sharing another 12-metre span chemical shed project. 

This shed design differs from the others by incorporating an open storage area which could be used for storing empty shuttles or could be used as a mixing area. It is important to note that this configuration may not meet the storage regulations and requirements for sustainable grain certification.

Learn more about compliant chemical storage  for sustainable grain certification here – Sustainable Grain Storage Requirements. 

Size: 21m (L) x 12m (W) x 4.5m (H) 

Location: Rainbow VIC 

Build Date: 2023 

Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 7
Building A Chemical Shed - Gallery 6

That’s a wrap on recent chemical shed projects which all include different configuration options and ideas. 

Listed below are some other resources that might be relevant to your project 

Relevant Resources

We recommend downloading the On-Farm Chemical Shed Guide to learn more about chemical storage requirements and other details your chemical shed project design should address.  

We hope this article has been helpful! For more information and articles, check out the Learning Hub. 

Or to discuss your chemical shed project with one of our building consultants, please give us a call on 1800 687 888 – we would love to help you! 

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