Farm Sheds In South Australia

9 Of Our Favourite Farm Sheds In South Australia

Researching farm sheds in South Australia? Looking for inspiration for your farm shed build?

Over the past twelve months the team at Action Steel have designed, manufactured and built more than fifty farm sheds across South Australia. 

These have predominately been covered sheep yards and covered cattle yards but it does also included a mix of projects such as shearing sheds, hay storage sheds and machinery sheds.  

Planning a shed build and looking for ideas?

In this article we have collated photos of nine of our favourite farm sheds in South Australia. 

Farm Sheds In South Australia

9 Of Our Favourite Farm Sheds In South Australia

In this list you will find photos and information on nine recent farm shed builds in South Australia, primarily located in the south-east.

This includes a range of shed configurations and design options such as gable infills, ridge vents and cantilevered canopies to provide you with inspiration, regardless of the type of shed you are building.

Keep reading to learn about the projects and browse the galleries for ideas to kickstart your project planning.

First up is a 24 metre span sheep yard cover. 

1. 24 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover

Size: 48m x 24m x 4m

Build Date: 2022

Location: Keith SA

Features of this project include standard 8 metre bay spacings, a standard size span and a custom gutter system which is also a standard inclusion. Incorporating a standard size span is an excellent way to create a cost-effective design – however, these aren’t always suited to yard cover projects. 

Gable infills and partially clad walls have been used to provide protection from the prevailing weather while still allowing airflow through the cover for comfortable working conditions. 

A well-prepared site provides good all-weather access to the shed (including during installation) and a laser cut sign is the ideal finishing touch to a neat set-up!

View the gallery below to see the project in more detail.

As we mentioned above, good site preparation is essential to ensure a streamlined shed installation. A well-prepared site will also allow you to easily access and use the shed in wet weather. 

Watch the video below to learn how to prepare the ideal shed pad.

2. 18 Metre Span Ram Sale Shed

Size: 58.5m x 18m x 4.2m 

Build Date: 2021

Location: Brimbago SA

Sale sheds have become more common over the past few years with leading beef and sheep studs upgrading their facilties. This is because purpose built sale sheds provide a lot of benefits:

  • Makes a positive impression at your on-farm sale that reflects the quality of your stud
  • A straightforward set-up your sale beforehand and on the day
  • Helps create a low-stress environment for livestock and safer working conditions for you
  • Versatile and multipurpose investments with covered yards and machinery storage areas that can be used throughout the year

The ram sale shed designed and built for Glenlea Park Poll Merinos provides all of the benefits. 

“…I wanted to do it right and make sure that it was a facility that was actually enjoyable to work in.”​
Peter Wallis
Peter Wallis
Glenlea Park

Features of this project include:

  • Skylights and hi-bay lights through the facility
  • Ridge vent in the sale area for additional airflow
  • Cantilevered canopy off the side of covered yards area for additional coverage
  • Sliding doors throughout the facility provide easy access and airflow through the shed
  • Bay spacings have been varied to accomodate sale shed and yard layout
View the gallery and watch the video below to learn about the project in more detail.

3. 40 Metre Span Feed Pad Cover

Size: 142m x 40m x 6m 

Build Date: 2023

Location: Treeton Illawarras, Meningie SA

This feed pad cover design ticks all the boxes with:

  • An 18-degree roof pitch and ridge combine to provide effective ventilation 
  • Custom gutter systems and rainhead sumps are used to harvest stormwater, directing run-off away from the feed pad
  • 4.5 metre cantilevered canopies provide additional weather protection without having to upsize the overall shed
  • Formed footings help prevent injury to livestock by eliminating sharp edges and also keep columns out of the mud
Browse the gallery of project photos below.

4. 30 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover

Size: 45m x 30m x 3.5m

Build Date: 2023

Location: Willalooka SA

This recent build is another example of an excellent covered sheep yard facility with gable infills,  a standard size span and 9 metre bay spacings incorporated into the design.

Check out some of our favourite photos of the project in the gallery below. 

5. 21 Metre Span Calf Shed

Size: 102m x 21m x 6m

Build Date: 2021

Location: Mount Schank SA

This project – which also features in 9 Calving Shelters & Calf Shed Projects To Inspire Yours – is a traditional three-sided calf shed design but is less traditional in size.

Twelve 8.5 metre bays have been used to create a 102 metre-long shed providing plenty of room for calf pens and allowing separation of different groups of calves if necessary.

The design also allows separation between hay storage and machinery storage areas – remember to check with your insurance provider before co-storing though!

If required, the shed could easily be repurposed as a dedicated hay storage shed or machinery shed.

View the project below.

6. 15 Metre Span Cattle Yard Cover

Size: 18m x 15m x 3.8m

Build Date: 2022

Location: Tintinara SA

This cattle yard cover project was completed in collaboration with Clipex, who we worked with to ensure the cover was a neat and seamless fit over the yards. 

This process involves planning details like bay spacing and column placement so that they don’t interfere with the yard layout. 

7. 24 Metre Span Hay Shed

Size: 34m x 24m x 7.5m 

Build Date: 2022

Location: Field SA

A 34m x 24m x 7.5m hay shed at Field

If you are looking to store about 1,800 bales then this hay shed size is a good option.

  • 24 metre span from the standard size range is a popular and cost-effeicient choice
  • 8.5 metre bay spacings are cost-effective and practical,  making loading and unloading safer with a bit more “wriggle room.”
  • 7.5 metre height allows bales to be stacked eight high
Use the hay storage calculator to help work out what size hay shed you require. Our building consultants are also available to provide you with cost-per-bale prices to help you establish which is the most cost-effective option for your hay storage. 

8. 21 Metre Span Machinery Shed

Size: 56m x 21m x 6m

Build Date: 2022

Location: Keith SA

Every good machinery shed starts with a good design – and this is certainly the case with this project! Design features of this project include:

  • A three-sided open-front configuration with an enclosed workshop bay
  • Extra wide bay spacings (4 x 11 metres and 1 x 12 metres)
  • Skylights and concrete slab and apron in the workshop area
  • Well-prepared site and well-planned access
Browse the photos below for ideas and inspiration for your machinery shed build.

The last (but not least!) project on our list of favourite farm sheds in South Australia is another machinery shed build.

9. 24m Metre Span Machinery Shed

Size: 40m x 24m x 7.5m 

Build Date: 2021

Location: Meningie SA

A drive-through or open gable end configuration is a popular option for farm machinery storage sheds. 

This is because these configurations are the most cost-effective options for a wide opening and also for storing long machinery and implements such as air seeders. 

So, that’s nine of our favourite farm sheds in South Australia! We hope this list has given you inspiration and ideas that you can incorporate into your shed design!

This is just a selection of the farm sheds in South Australia proudly design and built by Action Steel – South Australia’s Trusted Farm Shed Company. To learn more about the projects we have completed across the state, check out our projects gallery. 

For more articles and resources like this, browse our Learning Hub or check out the suggestions below. 

To discuss your project or to learn more about our farm sheds in South Australia, call us on 1800 687 888 -one of our building consultants would be happy to chat with you.

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