Workshop shed

A Guide To Designing Your Machinery Workshop Shed

When designing your farm machinery workshop, it is important to choose what will work best for you. Here are a number of things to address in the planning stage of your project.

Workshop Configuration & Layout

There are a few layout and configuration options for you to consider. Your requirements and even personal preference will help determine which option works best for you.

Popular options for our clients include:

  • A fully enclosed, lock up workshop.

This is particularly popular for larger operations, and agricultural contractors. Features such as sliding doors and cantilevered canopies can be added to make this an incredibly useful investment.

  • Alternatively, your workshop can be combined with your machinery shed if a dedicated workshop isn’t required.

By enclosing several bays of your machinery shed you can have a substantial amount of protected space designated to the maintenance of your machinery.

  • Another option is to have workbenches and tools to the side or at the back of your machinery shed. Include a concrete floor and hi-bay lights to make it a safe work area.


Will you need a canopy, or should provision be made for adding one in the future?

Lighting Options

  • Hi-bay lights can easily be suspended off the roof structure of an Action shed.
  • Sky lighting is often a good idea for a workshop shed. Sky lighting can be installed in the roof of your shed, or even in the walls to help you take advantage of the available natural light.
Workshop shed

Insulation Options

  • Sisalation paper is the most common insulation option. Sisalation paper is a heavy-duty silver paper that traps the condensation to ensure that it doesn’t drop off the underside of the roof sheets on frosty mornings.
  • Sisalation blanket is another option that we offer. This product is silver paper (sisalation paper) with a 55mm insulation blanket on top. Like sisalation paper this product helps combat condensation build-up while also assisting with thermal control in the shed.
  • AirCell insulation is the premium option available, which is a heavy-duty foam that has great thermal ratings.

Council Requirements

Are there any council requirements or restrictions that may impact your workshop design? 

Talk to a building consultant at Action to find out if there are requirements from your local council that may dictate how you build your workshop shed project.

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