Feedlot Cover Guide

feedlot cover brochure

Download the 2023 Feedlot Cover Brochure to learn about feedlot cover design that is both effective and functional.

First a foremost a feedlot cover design should address airflow and ventilation so that it effectively reduces heat load.

The feedlot cover design should also address your operational pain points and priorities such as reducing workload or improving the feedlot’s social license.

Looking to implement shade systems in your feedlot? Working towards the ALFA shade requirements?

Talk to our team of consultants and designers to learn about our methodology when it comes to feedlot design. This approach provides feedlot-specific design options.

You can also learn about our approach to cattle feedlot design in our feedlot cover brochure.

Download the guide to learn about best-practice sizes, configurations, orientations and more! We have also included a number of project examples for ideas and inspiration.

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