Rotary Dairy Shed Project

Featured Project – 24 Metre Span Rotary Dairy Shed Project

If you are looking to improve the day-to-day running of your dairy, a new dairy shed project might be the answer!

Over the past few years, new shed infrastructure has been a popular investment for Australian dairy farmers, from new milking sheds to loafing barns.

A rotary dairy shed project, whether it is a platform upgrade or a new build, is a great way to improve operating efficiencies – and help future-proof your farm too!

We recently collaborated with Greencon on a new rotary dairy shed project in South-West Victoria, and the end result was impressive!

What makes the project impressive? What details should I include in my project? 

How much does it cost?

Keep reading for an overview of the project – what makes it work and why.

About The Rotary Dairy Shed Project

Size: 31m (L) x 24m (W) x 4.5m (H)

Build Date: 2023

Location: Allansford VIC

Rotary Dairy Shed Project

Rotary Dairy Shed Project Details

The cleanliness and hygiene of this project is a standout, and it can be largely attributed to thorough and well-executed planning and design stages by the client – and the companies we partnered with.

Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – the whole milking process flows smoothly at each step.

There are several key planning decisions and design inclusions that contribute to the overall project success.

Three of the most significant details, include:

1. Good site selection and preparation 

There are a number of key components to site selection and preparation, including ensuring there is an adequate slope for effective drainage.

A well prepared, ‘all-weather’ site and shed pad will mean the site is accessible during each stage of the build (and afterwards too, when the shed is in use!).

This ensures the shed build isn’t held up by bad weather, making it easier for the various suppliers and contractors to access the site when they need to.

Taking additional time to select and prepare a site is a great way to future-proof your dairy shed and farm. 

For example, this could include allowing room for future expansion.

Dairy Shed Project - Site Prep

2. A well-planned layout and access points

Having a good flow and logistics is essential for a well–run dairy and the layout of the dairy is an important part of this. This starts outside the shed.

A well-planned layout will include access roads and the placement of effluent tanks – and it also extends to the shed design. 

For example, paying attention to the placement of sliding doors and milk truck access areas.

3. A design that makes shed hygiene and effluent management easier

The cleanliness of this rotary dairy shed project is a standout!

Hygiene is made easy to maintain because of a number of details, but mostly because of the sloped concreted areas and the shed slab having good drainage.

Corrosion protection such as hot-dip galvanized steel also helps maintain the shed in good condition – despite the highly corrosive environment.

Dairy shed - grooved concrete
Rotary Dairy Shed Project - internal fit out

You can learn more about hot-dip galvanizing and why it is a must have inclusion for a rotary dairy shed project, in the video below.

Other details of the project include utilising a standard farm shed span to create a design that is both functional and cost-effective. You can learn more about these, here – What Are The Standard Spans For Farm Sheds?

Workplace safety and animal welfare are also prioritised and addressed in the design with details like skylights, grooved concrete areas and personal access doors.

Skylights for example, help encourage the cows to flow in and out of the shed. 

That’s a brief overview of the project details. If you are considering a similar project, next up we include a project price guide in 2024.

Project Price Guide

As a price guide, you can expect to pay around $200,000 – $250,000 including GST, footings and installation for a similar dairy shed.

Please note this is for the shed only and does not include the internal fit out or external works.

You can learn more about rotary dairy shed prices in our price guide – How Much Does It Cost To Build A Rotary Dairy Shed?

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We hope this rotary dairy shed project has provided you with ideas and inspiration! To view more recent projects, check our the gallery – Project Gallery.

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