Salt Creek Merino Stud Shearing Shed Complex

Featured Project – A 28 Metre Span Shearing Shed & Yard Cover

We partnered with ProWay Livestock Equipment to deliver a state-of-the art shearing shed and yard cover facility for Salt Creek Merino Stud.

Salt Creek Merino Stud Shearing Shed Complex
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Project Overview

Location: Woorndoo VIC

Size: A single gable complex consisting of a 30m x 28m x 5.2m shearing shed and 34.5m x 28m  x 4.2m covered yards.

Build Date: 2020

Fitout & Yard Supplier: Working in with ProWay, our team shared plans and ideas to ensure the fit out and yards fitted in seamlessly with the shed and yard cover. 

The end result was a project that prioritised operator safety and efficiency, which you can learn about in the video below. 

Project Features

  • The six-stand curved, raised board allows easy access to the board for rouseabouts.
  • Skylights in the gable and side wall captures the available natural light. Extra lighting over the board ensures there is always adequate lighting.
  • The grating area has the capacity to hold over 1,200 sheep – not including the catching pens. 
  • Wall vents provide good ventilation and airflow throughout the shed, helping to keep shearers, rouseabouts, wool classers and sheep, comfortable. 
  • Sliding doors on one wall of the yard cover are a versatile addition – providing extra protection from the prevailing weather while also ensuring that cover can be easily accessed. The gable infills are another common addition to help shelter the yards from the weather but still allowing airflow through the cover. 
  • The advantage of having covered yards adjoining the shearing shed is that it helps the sheep stay dry before shearing. It also means that less grating is required – covering your yards is a lot more cost-effective option than grating.

 Project Gallery

Click through the gallery below to see some of our favourite photos. 

Useful Resources

If you are planning a new shearing shed and yard cover, here is a collection of articles and videos that you might find helpful in the planning process or design stages. Our building consultants are also happy to discuss different ideas and designs, and can provide you with quotes for different options to help you budget for your project. 

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We hope you found this article helpful for your shearing shed and yard cover project. You can find more articles like this, along with videos and brochures, in our Learning Hub

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