Machinery shed and workshop at Maroona

Featured Project – A 36 Metre Span Machinery Workshop Shed

Need inspiration for your farm machinery workshop shed? We recently worked in with an existing custome to deliver this impressive farm machinery storage and workshop shed!

Project Overview

Size: 48m x 36m x 7.2m

Location: Maroona VIC
Build Date: 2020

Project Features

  • Hi-bay lights are installed throughout the shed. These are particularly beneficial in the maintenance and workshop area of the shed shed as they make it easier to undertake detailed repairs. The workshop area also features a concrete floor the full length of the shed. 
  • Sliding doors at each end of the shed provide quick and easy machinery access and also allow the shed to be fully enclosed and locked up, making the shed a secure and versatile investment.
  • The tank installed at the back of the shed is able to harvest the huge catchment that comes with a roof of this area.
  • One of the most useful features of this shed is the drive-through configuration. Accessing the shed from the gable end means the full length of the shed can be used and this configuration also allows large machinery to be quickly put undercover if required. 

Project Gallery

Click through the gallery below to see some of our favourite photos of the completed shed. Talk to our building consultants to learn more about this project and discuss options for your new machinery workshop shed.

Useful Resources

 Here is a collection of resources to help you plan your machinery storage shed or machinery workshop shed.

In this video Lester answers some of the most common questions about concrete slabs for sheds, including how much they cost and how thick they need to be.

How Do I Calculate Rain Water Catchment?

To help you determine the volume of rainwater you could potentally collect from your machinery shed roof, use our rainwater harvest calculator which you can access, here

What Machinery Shed Configuration Is Best?

Building a new machinery shed to protect your machinery is a worthwhile investment, but when it comes to build one, what confguration will work best?

We offer three main configuration options for machinery sheds – open-front, drive-through or fully enclosed – and in the video below, Lennie discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

Should I Install A Canopy On My Shed? Should I Install A Girder Truss?

Canopies and girder trusses are two design features that can be included on a farm machinery shed. In this video,Lennie discusses whether installing a canopy or girder trusses would be a good fit for your project. 

We hope this article has provided some inspiration and ideas for your machinery workshop shed! For more articles like this, check out our Learning Hub which also includes videos, brochures, storage calculators and answers to frequently asked questions. 

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