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How Much Do Concrete Panels For Sheds Cost?

Researching concrete panel prices?

How much will the concrete panels for my shed cost? Can I retrofit concrete panels? Is it cost-effective?

Over the past twelve to eighteen months, grain sheds, fertiliser sheds and calving sheds have all been in high demand. Multipurpose sheds have also been popular. For example, an open front shed with one or more bays dedicated to grain storage.

Obviously, these shed builds all require concrete panels.

So to accommodate this increased demand and provide our customers with quality and cost-effective concrete panels for their sheds, we set-up a pre-cast concrete manufacturing plant in-house. 

This was an exciting move forward for the company and we have completed some impressive projects1

If you are also looking to build a shed with concrete panels, or if you are considering retrofitting panels to an existing shed, then you might be wondering about concrete panel prices.

So, how much do concrete panels for sheds cost?

In this price guide, we discuss current concrete panel prices, the cost to retrofit panels, concrete bunker prices and the factors that influence the price. 

We also discuss some potential cost-saving options for your project too. 

Read on to learn all about it!

concrete panel prices

Concrete Panel Prices In 2024

The average cost of concrete panels in 2024 is approx. $290 per square metre including GST and installation. 

This does cover quite a range of different-size projects and designs though, with prices ranging from $230 per square metre to $390 per square metre. 

Calving sheds are usually on the higher end of this price range, largely due to them being smaller projects. The most popular concrete panel size for calving sheds is around 1.5 metres high. This size costs approx. $550 per lineal metre.

As an example, 1.5 metre concrete panel walls installed on one long side and one gable end of a 50m x 27m x 5m calving shed would cost approx. $42,000 including GST and installation

In contrast, the panels for large grain shed projects are more cost-effective per square metre. 

For example, the 3.5-metre-high concrete panels for a 90m x 30m x 7.5m grain shed cost approx. $275 per square metre supplied and installed, including GST.

The Cost To Retrofit Concrete Panels

If you have an existing machinery shed or hay shed this could be converted to grain storage by retrofitting concrete panels. 

This can be a good option if you want to make your shed more versatile. But like everything, cost is an important consideration.

How much does it cost to retrofit concrete panels?

The cost to retrofit concrete panels will depend on the size of your shed.

As an example though, the cost to convert a 48m x 24m open front hay shed to a grain storage shed with 3-metre-high concrete walls, a concrete floor and the additional steel work required is approx. $285,000 including GST and installation.

The concrete panels in a purpose-built shed usually cost less per square metre than retrofitting panels in a shed. This is because the concrete floor in grain sheds and fertiliser sheds forms part of the engineering for the walls (as they are tied into the slab). 

Note – This is not a requirement in calf sheds though, due to minimal loading.

So, retrofitting concrete panels for grain storage may not necessarily be the most cost-effective option. It could be a more financially viable option for you though, in comparison to a purpose-built grain shed. It will depend on your budget and your long-term storage plans. 

You can learn more about grain shed costs in this article – How Much Does It Cost To Build A Grain Shed?

Concrete Bunker Prices

The Action pre-cast concrete plant also has the capability to manufacture concrete bunkers. These can be used to store different commodities like fertiliser, super or lime. 

For example, a 10-bay bunker project with 3.5 metres (W) x 5 metres (L) x 2.4 metres (H) bunkers would cost approx. $95,000 – $100,000 including GST and installation and excluding concrete on the concrete floor. 

So that’s an overview of current concrete panel prices! 

If you would like an accurate, obligation-free quote for your project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call – or submit a quote request form. Our building consultants are always more than happy to discuss the different options available.

Next up we discuss the different factors that contribute to concrete panel prices – and how to save money on your project.

Factors That Influence The Price Of Concrete Panels

There are several factors that influence the cost of concrete panels. 

The main factors are:

  • Size of the panels
  • Size of the shed
  • Project location 
  • Whether or not the panels are tied to the concrete slab engineering.

For example, the project location will impact the cost of transport. The cost of concrete is also obviously a significant factor and concrete prices have been rising. 

cost to build a farm shed - farm shed prices

How To Save Money On Your Concrete Panels

There are several ways to save money on the concrete panels for your shed project.

First and foremost is the fact that Action Steel manufactures concrete panels in-house. Other shed manufacturers will arrange concrete panels via third party supplier and then add a margin to this. 

Another way to potentially save money on your concrete panels is to arrange the transport yourself. There are load and safety requirements to meet though.

some customers have purchased concrete panels as supply only, which can be another cost-saving for you if you are prepared to arrange the install yourself. 

Concrete Panel Project Ideas

Browse the gallery below for ideas for your shed project.

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And if you have any questions about concrete panels and concrete panel prices – give us call!

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