How Weather Affects Farm Machinery & What You Can Do About It

Here are some of the ways the weather affects farm machinery and what you can do about it.

Action Open Front Machinery Shed


The main ways the weather affects machinery

  • Aggravates and often worsens existing needs for repairs such as damaged pipes or electrical issues.
  • Fades external paintwork
  • Fades the dashboard and interior
  • Increases the need for extensive maintenance including greasing parts and general upkeep which, while often minor, can be frustrating.
  • Perishes tyres
  • Perishes rubber tubing, seals and plastic parts that can be expensive and difficult to repair or replace.
  • The technology within the machinery such as screens and GPS technology can be damaged or interfered with if exposed to weather extremes.


Flow on effects

  • Increased safety issues and risks
  • Decreased resale or trade-in value
  • Negatively impacts productivity and profitability


What can you do about it?

While this can seem a significant investment, to put things in perspective, compare the cost of a shed with the cost of the machinery (and its replacement components!) and you soon realize the advantages pay it off in no time!

And, not only that, a machinery shed is a versatile investment that could be potentially used to store fodder in the future.


  • Invest in an Action workshop – or incorporate one in your machinery shed.

As every farmer knows maintenance is critical to keeping your machinery in top notch and the more regularly and consistently it is done, the better. Having an undercover area to conduct this makes it easier and much more attractive to do this often-arduous task – whether it’s a dedicated lock-up workshop or just utilising some space in your equipment shed.


  • Implement a machinery maintenance plan

As, we have just briefly discussed, maintenance is incredibly important. Now, while this is getting back to the basics, an overwhelming amount of the responses to our farm fire safety survey stressed the importance of implementing a machinery maintenance plan.

Not only does a maintenance plan help combat any potential weather damage, it reduces the risk of fires and accidents caused by faulty parts, increases worker safety, lengthens the life of your machinery, minimises downtime and makes the machinery more attractive to potential buyers.


  • Educate your workers and operators on the importance of preventing and minimising weather damage to equipment and how to do it.


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