Planning Your New Machinery Shed

If you are planning a new farm machinery shed and need some design advice and tried-and-tested ideas and suggestions, this is a good starting point.

We have collated articles, guides, and projects to provide you with some inspiration for your machinery shed project.


Our Latest Machinery Shed Guide

Our machinery shed and workshop guide has been updated to include recent machinery shed builds and the latest advice and information.

Download a copy here.

Machinery shed brochure


Recently Completed Action Machinery Sheds & Workshops

Action machinery shed

A 48m x 36m x 7.2m fully enclosed shed completed at Maroona, VIC.

Accessing the shed from the gable end provides a wide opening unimpeded by columns making access for large machinery quick and easy.

Learn more here  


 Drive-through Action Machinery Shed

A 32m x 21m x 6.75m drive-through shed, Wonwondah VIC.

The 6.75m height allows room for the sliding door beam while still providing adequate clearance for most large farm machinery.


 Open Front Farm shed

An open-front 56m x 30m x 6m shed at Derinallum, VIC. Learn more here.


 Fully enclosed machinery shed

A 45m x 27m x 6.75m fully enclosed shed at Linton, VIC.

Three strips of skylight in the roof take advantage of the available natural light.

Internal view of fully enclosed machinery shed

Useful Articles

6 ways you can bird proof your shed

Birds, like starlings, sparrows, or finches, can prove to be very difficult to keep out of your shed. Here are 6 ideas that can be used to keep birds away and prevent them from nesting in your shed.


What size shed do I need for my machinery?

Working out how to fit all your machinery and equipment into your shed can be like a jigsaw puzzle. In this article we discuss some important points and suggestions make sure your shed is not only big enough but also practical and accessible.


What configuration will work best for my machinery shed?

Configuration options for your machinery shed include open-front, one-bay enclosed, fully-enclosed and drive-through. Learn about the advantages of each option and which one will work best for your shed.


A guide to designing your workshop

This guide looks at configurations, lighting, insulation, and council requirements for your workshop project.


Remember our building consultants are more than happy to visit site to make sure every detail is considered.


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