Jalna feedlot cover

Project Update – Jalna Feedlot Cover

One of the highlights of 2017 was the feedlot cover project for Jalna Feedlot, a 6th generation family business that delivers the cattle for the Coles Finest brand. 

In this article learn more about Jalna Feedlot and their impressive feedlot cover.

Jalna Feedlot, owned and operated by David and Katy Gillett, won the MSA Excellence in Eating Quality Most Outstanding Beef Producer – Grainfed award for Victoria in 2017 – and again in 2019!

Key to Jalna’s operation is the focus on the low-stress handling of their 7,000-head of cattle which is complemented by the 224m feedlot cover. 

Kickstarted with a $500,000 grant from Coles, David and Katy committed to the 224m long feedlot cover to be designed, manufactured and constructed by Action Steel.

During construction

Not only is the feedlot cover impressive in size, it’s equally impressive in what it’s going to achieve.

What the feedlot cover will achieve

  • Anticipated to collect 5 million litres of drinking water for use in the feedlot.
  • Cover 1500 head of cattle.
  • Improve weight gains.
  • Lower the amount of feed needed to keep cattle warm during the winter months.
  • Lower the risk of bacteria spreading.
  • Maximise animal comfort.
  • Prevent the hair on cattle becoming matted and muddy during the winter months which is often problematic during processing.
  • Reduce the cost and stress of washing the cattle.
  • Read more about what the cover achieves here

The completed project

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