Hay shed with hay bumps

Should You Install Hay Bumps On Your Hay Shed?

If you are concerned about protecting the rear wall of your hay shed from falling bales, we recommend installing hay bumps.

Falling hay bales are a not only a safety issue but they can also cause damage to the shed iron

So, what exactly are hay bumps? 

What are hay bumps?

Also, known as hay bumpers, hay bumps are designed to protect your shed

Action Steel offer two options for hay bumps:

  1. Vertical top-hat steel sections fastened to the purlins, or
  2. Horizontal wire rope cable
  • The top-hat steel sections are installed 2 per bale (i.e. 6 per bay for 8-metre bay spacings).
  • The wire rope option is installed with 1 cable per bale height horizontally.
Hay shed with hay bumps

Which hay bump option is best?

Both options are easy to install and are a cost-effective way of protecting the rear wall.

Do I need to install hay bumps?

While hay bumps are not a requirement for your hay shed like fire design, they can prove beneficial in high turnover/ high activity sheds and are often a good safety measure for inexperienced staff/operators.

To learn more about hay bumps, and other components like custom gutter systems, speak to our building consultants, today. Call 1800 68 78 88

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