Farm Shed Builders In NSW

The Best Farm Shed Builders In NSW (Ratings & Reviews)

Looking for farm shed builders in NSW? Building a shed in New South Wales?

Farm sheds such as on-farm grain storage shedssheep yard covers and new shearing shed builds have been in high demand across Australia, and New South Wales has been no exception – we currently have around 30 projects under construction in southern and central western New South Wales which is very exciting. 

Here at Action Steel, we specialise in building heavy-duty farm sheds for livestock and cropping enterprises and our vision is to be come “the most trusted farm shed company” and our mission is to be “passionate about quality sheds and making people happy by doing the right thing – every time – every day.” 

So, what does this mean for you? 

Good question!

Our commitment to our mission, vision and values (which you can learn about here) means that if we aren’t able to help you with your shed project for whatever reason, whether it is time frame, budget, your shed is too small for us to manufacture or if you are just looking to shop around – we want to ensure that you end up with a farm shed that you are happy with. That is the end goal. 

So, we have collated a list of some of the top farm shed builders in NSW that you could consider for your project. The list includes an overview of each company and their product range, as well as some ratings and reviews from their customers. 

Farm Shed Builders In NSW
A 45m x 24m x 6m open-front machinery shed built by Action Steel at Corobimilla, NSW.

Please note, the companies included in this list are suggestions rather than recommendations, and Action Steel is not affiliated with these companies in any way. 

Also, if you are using quotes from these companies as a price comparison, please remember to compare ‘apples with apples’ or like for like sheds and shed quotes, for example, pay attention to the construction of the shed, materials used, and inclusions and exclusions in the prices such as GST. 

With that in mind, keep reading to learn about some of the top farm shed builders in New South Wales – we hope the list is useful and helps you with your project research. 

First up, (in alphabetical order) is ABC Sheds. 

8 Of The Most Popular Farm Shed Builders In NSW

1. ABC Sheds

ABC Sheds is a family owned and operated business with experience in the shed industry since the 1980s.

Based in Young NSW, ABC Sheds manufacture a wide range of structural steel sheds for different industries, from farming to warehousing – including some impressive dressage arenas and stables.

With fully hot-dip galvanised building materials, and five-star rating on both Facebook and Google reviews, ABC Sheds has a reputation as a reliable shed builder with a quality product. 

2. Akura

Akura is a leading construction and property development company in Kelso, NSW providing industrial property solutions for over 45 years.

As well as industrial projects and property development, Akura also delivers large scale agricultural projects such as dairy sheds, and are focused on delivering smarter buildings to maximise creature comfort, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Akura has a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews, and reviews mention quality, professionalism and ease of doing business.  

3. Eco Enterac

Eco Enterac is based in Tamworth NSW and has been manufacturing shearing sheds and equipment since 1976 and has been operating with the current owners Peter Sweeney and Colin Jones since 1996. 

As well as full structural steel frame sheds with UB columns and Open Web rafters, Eco Enterac also supply other agricultural products such as sheep yards, cattle yards, hay feeders and stock grids – so they could be your one stop shop!

4. PJN Steel Fabrication

PJN Steel Fabrication is a second generation, owner operated steel fabrication business based in Walla Walla NSW that has been manufacturing rural, industrial, commercial and public use sheds for over 35 years. 

The structural steel on the sheds is grit blasted, zinc primed & finished with a heavy-duty colour coat and spans range from 9 metres to 30 metres

You can find a number of positive reviews and testimonials on their website. 

5. State Wide Sheds

State Wide Sheds have been proudly family owned and operated since 1988, and as well as building commercial sheds they offer a wide range of rural steel buildings for farm use, including stables, machinery, hay, warehousing and shearing sheds 

The services offered at State Wide Sheds include foundations, delivery and erection.

Based in Dubbo NSW, State Wide Sheds have a 4-star rating on Google Reviews. 

6. TechSpan Building Systems

TechSpan Building Systems in Armidale NSW is an established family business who has been building custom fabricated steel structures for over 20 years.

Their shed range includes industrial sheds such as mining sheds, and agribusiness and rural sheds which have an unbreakable 25-year structural guarantee.

TechSpan currently has 4.3-star rating on Google Reviews, and positive reviews and testimonials on their website from happy customers.

7. The Big Steel

According to their Facebook page, The Big Steel is a family owned and operated company based In Wagga Wagga, NSW that specialises in in farm machinery sheds and hay sheds as well as sheep and cattle handling equipment, large diameter steel pipe and fencing material.

The Big Steel shed range has three main shed models- 12 metres wide, 16 metres wide and 20 metres wide, which you can learn about here

Facebook reviews for The Big Steel mention fair and affordable prices and quality steel and fabrication. 

And finally, the eighth company in our list is Tilmac, a purlin shed builder. 

8. Tilmac

Tilmac provides both affordable purlin and fabricated (fully welded) sheds ranging including industrial buildings, domestic sheds, garages and carports and rural sheds such as hay sheds and machinery sheds.

Although their head office is in Orange NSW, Tilmac has an ever-expanding distributor network with locations such as Albury, Gunnedah and Dubbo – use their distributor map to find a distributor near you. 

In regard to reviews and ratings, Tilmac currently has a 3-star Google Reviews rating


So that is a brief overview of eight of the most popular shed builders in New South Wales, we hope it has given you some food for thought for your project. You might also like to browse our Learning Hub which includes more articles like this one as well as price guides and the latest brochures and videos

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