Best Shearing Shed Fit Out Suppliers

7 Of The Best Shearing Shed Fit-Out Suppliers (Ratings & Reviews)

The fit out can make or break a new shearing shed build.

Get it right and the result is a safe, efficient and ergonomic shearing shed. 

Shearing teams will be happy, sheep will be shorn and you’ll be less stressed. And it will work for years to come.

Get the design wrong, and the opposite can be true. 

Poorly designed shearing shed fit outs can result in inefficiencies, uncomfortable working conditions and frustrated shearers. Shearing becomes a more stressful time than it needs to be. And you could soon be looking to upgrade your fit out.

In other words, the fit out design is arguably the most important part of a new shearing shed build. 

But who should design your shearing shed fit out? Which supplier is best?

Building a new shearing shed can be a complex project. And a substantial investment

So, you want to be confident that you have chosen the right supplier for your shearing shed.  

As a farm shed builder servicing Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales we work in with a number of leading fit out designers and suppliers, including Commander Ag-Quip and ProWay Livestock Equipment.

To help you with your research, we have collated a list of some of the most popular shearing shed specialists in Australia. We hope you find it helpful.

Best Shearing Shed Fit Out Suppliers

Read on to learn about 7 of the best shearing shed fit out suppliers (listed in alphabetical order). The list includes ratings and reviews. And also covers a wide range of fit out types including modules and custom designs. 

7 Of Australia’s Best Shearing Shed Fit Out Suppliers

First up is Chippy Chad & Co who are well known for their AWI design inspired fit outs throughout WA.

1. Chippy Chad & Co Construction (5 Star Rating)

Chippy Chad & Co are shearing shed fit-out designers and builders based in Western Australia. 

Founded in 2016 by Chad Lavender, Chippy Chad & Co specialise in designing new shearing shed fit outs as well as renovating and improving old sheds. Examples of their work include some impressive AWI design shearing sheds with custom alterations. 

For fit out ideas and inspiration check out the Chippy Chad & Co Facebook page where they share their project photos – and have a five-star rating!

As well as being a shearing shed fit out supplier, Chippy Chad & Co also do yard fit outs, concreting and earthmoving. 

So, if you are based in WA, the team at Chippy Chad & Co could be a good fit for your shearing shed project. 

2. Commander Ag Quip (5 Star Rating)

Commander Ag Quip is also a Western Australian-based company, specialising in livestock and grain handling products and servicing Australia-wide.

The Commander Ag Quip shearing shed systems include modular shearing sheds and custom-built fit outs which you can learn about in the links below:

“… and I thought that is just ideal. We have got plenty of grating now for sheep in case it’s a wet day and certainly more convenient and easier for the shearer.” – Trevor, Commander Ag Quip customer

As well as positive reviews from customers like Trevor, Commander have a five-star Google rating.

And they also made our list of the best sheep and cattle yard suppliers!

3. Flinn Design (5 Star Rating)

Based in Wagga Wagga NSW, Flinn Design, designs and builds modern and innovative shearing shed fit outs for new sheds, shed conversions and shed extensions. 
While they may not be as well-known as other fit-out suppliers, Simon and the team at Flinn Design are undoubtedly passionate about shearing shed fit outs and design.
For example, you may have heard of the Flinn design ram-to-ewe automated catching pens which can be retrofitted into any existing catching pen.

The Flinn Design website explains their approach to shearing shed fit outs to ensure the design improves your efficiency and productivity. 

And check out their Facebook page for examples of their recent work. 

4. Magnus Australia (5 Star Rating)

Magnus Australia is a well-known South Australian-based company with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing farm equipment – and a five-star Google ratingTheir product range includes grain feeders, cattle yards, sheep yards – and of course shearing sheds and fit outs.
Some of the features and options available for a Magnus shearing shed fit-out include:
  • Standard or custom designs
  • Timber grating or removable plastic grating
  • Timber or steel floor supports and internals
  • Lead up and exit ramps
  • Fit out installation
Learn more about their shearing sheds and fit outs here and check out the Magnus Australia Facebook page to view their latest projects and products. 

5. ProWay Livestock Equipment (4.8 Star Rating)

ProWay Livestock Equipment is one of the most premium shearing shed fit out suppliers in Australia. With more than 20 years of experience, the design team at ProWay have created hundreds of unique shearing shed facilities.  
The shearing shed and covered yards built for Salt Creek Merino Stud (in collaboration with Action Steel) is a perfect example of their cutting-edge designs. 

Use the links below to learn more about ProWay shearing shed fit outs. 

ProWay currently has a 4.8-star rating on Google reviews and you can hear from many of their customers on their YouTube channel. 

6. Shearing Shed Solutions (4.6 Star Rating)

Shearing Shed Solutions, as the name suggests, provide shearing shed fit-out solutions including new builds, modifications or additions. They also cater to a wide range of fit-out sizes and capacities, with their designs ranging from two-stand through to five-stands.
Use the links below to learn more about Shearing Shed Solutions and the different designs and layouts they offer. 
Or you can view more of their recent shearing shed projects throughout NSW here.
Shearing Shed Solutions currently have a 4.8 star Google rating and several customer reviews highlight the quality and value-for-money of their fit outs. 

7. Stockpro (4.9 Star Rating)

Stockpro is another New South Wales-based livestock equipment company and has over 20 years of experience in livestock handling. 
The Stockpro shearing equipment range includes shearing trailers and shearing stand modules. Features of the shearing stand modules include:
  • Large chutes
  • Slide swing gates
  • Safety railing
  • Galvanised frames
One of the main benefits of these modules is that they can be installed in an existing shed to create a modern shearing facility.
You can learn more about these modules here, including the new Stockpro race delivery shearing module (pictured below). This new product is based on the latest AWI-approved angled chute design. 
Best Shearing Shed Fit Out Supplier - Stock Pro Module

Stockpro have a 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews – and they also made our list for the top sheep and cattle yard suppliers!

So, that’s a summary of 7 of the best shearing shed fit out suppliers in Australia! We hope you have found this list helpful.

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