Testimonial Video – Matt Kelly | Low Footprint Lamb

Tune in as Matt Kelly from Low Footprint Lamb shares his journey from sheep farming on a blue gum property to establishing his brand as a leading breeder of worm-resistant, easy-care shedding sheep.

Despite the challenges he faced, Matt’s dedication has propelled him forward.

Since acquiring his property in 2015 at Croxton East, near Hamilton in Western Victoria, Matt has prioritized performance recording and genetic enhancement in his flock.

As part of this ongoing improvement initiative, the installation of a new Action Steel yard cover has significantly enhanced working conditions for both livestock and farm personnel, leading to overall better outcomes.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold or wet or whatever. Under a roof is always better. So yeah…we invested in a roof.” Matt said.

Join us as we explore Matt’s inspiring story of resilience and progress in the farming industry.