Build A Farm Shed Without Permits (2)

What Happens If You Build A Farm Shed Without Permits?

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So, why all this information about permits?

If you are building a new farm shed, you might be wondering what will actually happen if you don’t get council permits. Can you build a farm shed without permits?

You might be asking; what will go wrong?

Or you might be thinking; will it matter if the permits aren’t approved in time? Or if the permit expires?

So, in this article, we address the repercussions of not getting the required council permits for your farm shed project. 

We also discuss the approval process and what happens if your permits are rejected or if they expire. 

And we delve a little deeper into the topic of council permits and talk about staged permits.

If you are curious about council permits for farm sheds – and whether it actually matters if you don’t get them, then read on!

First things first!

What Will Happen If You Build A Farm Shed Without Permits?

It depends.

We are not being deliberately vague, it really does depend on your project and the project location.

Some farm sheds won’t require council permits. But most will. 

In Victoria, the majority of farm shed builds require council permits. There are some exceptions to this. But even then, it depends on your shire council and the size of your project. For example, the Horsham Rural City CouncilNorthern Grampians Shire Council and the Southern Grampians Shire Council all offer a building permit exemption for farm sheds under 500m2 – providing certain conditions are met. 

Build A Farm Shed Without Permits (2)

Likewise, in other states such as New South Wales and South Australia, most local shire councils will require permits for a new shed build. Or at least a building permit (which is also known as a construction certificate).

So, what are the repercussions if you don’t get the required council permits for your farm shed?

The potential repercussions for you include significant fines. And, in the worst case, your shed may have to be removed and relocated. For example, this could occur if your shed is built within an area with a particular overlay that doesn’t allow a shed to be built on the land.

The repercussions for Action Steel or the Registered Builder that you choose to use for your shed build also include significant fines. And, in some cases, the building licenses could be revoked. 

What Happens If Council Permits Aren’t Approved?

It is extremely rare that a planning permit is refused for a farm shed. 

However, some complex projects require additional paperwork which means they can take longer to be approved. 

If the permit is refused or rejected, you may have to make some alterations to the shed design for example, make the shed lower. Or you may have to find an alternative site for the shed.

What Happens If Council Permits Expire?

Usually, your shire council will advise you when the permit is about to expire and will give you the opportunity to extend it for a small fee. 

If your shed permits have lapsed, a new full application will need to be submitted.

What Are Staged Permits? When Do You Need Them? How Do They Work?

The building permit can be broken down into stages on larger, more complex shed projects. For example, the footing stage and frame stage. This is known as a staged permit.

A staged permit allows the project to keep progressing on site while the documentation is being prepared for the later stages. For example, this documentation could include concrete slab engineering or office energy reports. 

A staged permit is not normally required for a general farm shed project though.

How Long Do Council Permits Take? Why Are My Permits Delayed? 

Most shire councils require between 60 and 90 days to process a planning permit once all required paperwork has been submitted. Therefore, it is important to submit permit applications in good time to ensure a timely build

Build A Farm Shed Without Permits (1)

It can take several weeks to collate the required information for the application, so the complete process for a planning permit can take around three to four months.

In saying this though, if your shed build meets certain criteria, the permit may be able to be submitted as a VicSmart application. In this case, the council only requires 10 days to process this type of permit once all documentation has been submitted. 

Building permits, on the other hand, are not as time-consuming as planning permits. Instead, the building surveyor usually approves the building permits within a couple of days of receiving all the necessary paperwork. 

We hope this article on what happens if your build a farm shed without permits has been helpful!

If you have any other questions about council permits for farm sheds that we haven’t answered, please give us a call or send us a message. As Registered Builders, we submit and manage hundred of permit applications every year on behalf of our clients, so we would be more than happy to help you understand the process. 

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