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What You Need To Know When Buying A Shearing Shed

If you’ve worked in a shearing shed you will know that just any old shed won’t do. Here are the main things that you should look for when buying a shearing shed.

Design & Layout

Everything about your shearing shed design should help make you and your workers jobs as easy as possible. To achieve this, sit down with the team at Action and your fit out designers early on in the process to discuss exactly what your operations entail.

Although there are common practices, every business is slightly different, and this should be taken into account when designing your shed.

shearing shed

Some key things to think about in the design stage are;

  • How many sheep you have and how many you will need the shed to be able to hold at any one time
  •  How many shearers and stands you are planning to have
  • Measurements and position of gates and pens

Ventilation & Temperature Control

Not only is ventilation essential for the well-being of your stock and staff but inadequate ventilation and temperature control will mean that your operations are not as productive as they could and should be.

Providing your staff with a healthy and pleasant work environment is key to their productivity as well as improving results and staff retention – a win-win situation.

When it comes to ventilation and temperature control, our shearing shed guide discusses the different options such as vents and partial cladding. This is available for download here.

Natural Lighting

Light is essential for work carried out in a shearing shed. Primarily it provides a safer and more pleasant working environment for shearers, rouseabouts and wool classers as they can do their job properly.

This article from looks at lighting in shearing sheds in more detail and suggests; “Good shearing shed design makes maximum use of natural lighting. Indirect or diffuse light is best. Direct sunlight should not be used as natural light for the board and wool room because the glare from newly shorn wool causes eye strain for shearers and wool handlers. Southern walls can be used as a source of natural lighting because direct sunlight is never a problem.”

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