Shearing shed with hi-bay lights

Why You Should Invest In A Shed This Financial Year

If you are investing in a shed as a tax deduction, there will be more benefits than just paying less tax.

So, why else should you invest in new sheds?

Working Conditions

A new shed can improve the working conditions for you and your staff, whether it’s:

  • workshop that allows maintenance on machinery to be conducted out of the weather, at any time of the day – particularly valuable when undertaking urgent or detailed repairs e.g. at harvest,
  • shearing shed that prioritises safety, ergonomics and worker wellbeing,
  • or a yard cover that shelters workers from the prevailing weather making it easier and more pleasant for them to complete their work.

Staff Retention, Morale & Motivation

One of the advantages that stem directly from the improved working conditions we discussed above is better staff retention, motivation and morale, resulting in better work quality and more productive employees or contractors. An up-to-date shearing shed with all the required amenities is a prime example.

Business Image & Reputation

Investing in new sheds promotes a positive image of your business and cements your reputation as a good employer and operator in several ways.

 The main two being;

Shearing shed with hi-bay lights
  • By taking the time and the money to invest in improved working conditions and making the job as pleasant as possible it reflects the regard you hold for your workers, establishing yourself as reputable employer.

Flexibility & Logistics

This is the most common reason why a farmer will buy a new shed, and it’s a good one. The flexibility of a sheds use and the logistical improvements a shed provides mean you reap the benefits now and in the future.

Here are few examples: 

  • Long-term fodder storage –Whether you are buying, selling or growing hay or grain to use for your livestock, a fodder storage shed can be your best friend.
Hay shed with round bales stacked

From a seller’s perspective, not only are your clients prepared to pay more as your hay or grain has been stored properly, a shed also provides you with greater flexibility to respond to the market’s demands as you can store your hay or grain until the price is right to sell.

From buyer’s perspective, if hay or grain has been stored out of the weather you are assured of better-quality fodder and nutritional content than fodder that has been left out in the elements – and thus, you can expect better results from your livestock.

And if you’re primary producer, a hay or grain shed maintains the quality of your fodder meaning you get the most out of it – as well as adding another layer of security or protection to your farm in times of drought.

  • Machinery storage – Machines can be quickly stored during harvest if it starts to rain and down time is minimised by generally keeping the machinery in better condition.
  • Covered livestock yards – Like a machinery shed, a roof over your yards can minimise down time, e.g. by keeping sheep out of the rain ahead of shearing, as well as allowing you to be flexible about when yard work is completed – rain, hail or shine, at any time of the day.


The safety a new shed provides, such as a shearing shed or a machinery maintenance shed, adds another layer of credibility to your reputation, contributes to the improved staff retention by providing safe work conditions, and ensures a smooth-running operation – with no unnecessary hold ups.

Protect & Maximise Return On Your Assets

Not only does a shed protect your assets, whether it’s machinery, hay, livestock yards or sheep, it also helps you get the most return out of them.

Even the amount of rainwater harvested can be significant, for example the yard cover below has the potential average rain water yield per annum of around 1 megalitre.

And a shed is an asset itself that can not only boost the value of your land but also play more than one role on your farm, such as using your hay shed as a machinery shed in the off-season.

Dual gable sheep yard cover

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