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Featured Project – 14,000 Tonne On-Farm Grain Storage Shed

With solid grain production over the past two years –  in particular the bumper 2021 season – investing in an on-farm grain storage shed is a smart choice for maximising dollars per tonne.

With high supply, prices are lower meaning growers that do have good on-farm grain storage are able to store now and capitalise on future price rises when grain is less readily available.

Similarly, primary producers buying grain in for fodder for livestock can take advantage of the current prices, buy in bulk and store for the future. On this point, the full tax write-off of fodder storage assets is still available and provided requirements are met, could be applied to an on-farm grain shed project.

Grains storage - harvest

The 14,000 tonne on-farm grain storage shed designed, built and project managed for Read Farming for the 2021 harvest, is a quality example of good grain storage.

Located at Stockyard Hill, VIC the 81m x 40m x 9m grain shed has the capacity to store approx. 14,300 tonnes – and being an open-front configuration, the shed can be loaded easily and efficiently. 

This configuration also allows even aeration throughout the shed and means that the shed can have an alternate use in the off-season for hay storage, making for a versatile investment.

Maintaing a high level of hygiene is important for long-term grain storage to avoid contamination and infestation, and the concrete slab through the shed (also coordinated and managed by the Action team) makes it easier to keep the shed clean.

Watch the timeline video below to see each stage of the project, from footings to harvest.

From Ground To Grain Storage (A Timeline)

Browse the gallery of some of our favourite photos of the project for inspiration for your grain storage project.

For more grain shed ideas and design options, talk to one of our building consultants, or download a copy of our grain shed guide

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