5 Things Your Sheep Yard Cover Design Should Have

A roof over your sheep yards improves working conditions and can add flexibility to your yard work by allowing you to work rain, hail, or shine.

With yard covers becoming an important part of many sheep farming operations, make sure your new sheep yard cover design has these 5 things.

Hot dip galvanised columns and trusses

Action Steel hot dip galvanised sheep yard cover 

Hot dip galvanised steel provides the ultimate corrosion protection making it ideal for high-moisture environments. Pre-gal or painted steel options should be avoided in these situations.

Rest assured every Action Steel shed includes fully hot dip galvanised columns and trusses to ensure your investment lasts a lifetime.


Extra coverage over your yards

Action Steel sheep yard cover with extra coverage 

We generally recommend allowing an extra 1-2 metres of coverage on each side of the yards.

We recommend this as it means the yard cover will continue to provide protection and shelter in even the most inclement weather.


Gable infills and/or partially clad walls

Internal view of an Action Steel Sheep yard cover with gable infill 

Air flow, ventilation and protection from the elements are all important considerations with a yard cover.

Gable infills and partially clad walls are two options that help find the balance between effective shelter and good air flow.


Sky lighting or artificial lighting

Skylighting in Action Steel sheep yard cover 

Using sky lighting in your yard cover allows you to take full advantage of the natural light while still staying undercover.

The addition of artificial lighting like hi-bay lights makes the investment of a yard cover even more useful and versatile as yard work can be undertaken at anytime allowing you to prioritise other tasks that need to be completed during the day.


 Rainwater harvesting and storage

A roof over your yard provides a good opportunity to capture stormwater runoff. For example, the yard cover below has the potential average rainwater yield per annum of around 1 megalitre.

Roof over sheep yards with tank

A substantial amount of rainwater can be harvested via the Action custom gutter system. The Action custom gutter system is plumbed to the end of the shed rather than having downpipes down the face of each column. Learn more about this system, here.

We’ve updated our yard cover guide with the latest projects, case studies and tips. Download a copy here.  

And remember, our building consultants are always happy to discuss options and ideas for your yard cover project.

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