6 On-Property Bull Sale & Ram Sale Sheds To Inspire Yours

6 On-Property Bull Sale & Ram Sale Sheds To Inspire Yours

Have an upcoming on-property sale? Looking for ways to make your sale stand out? Considering upgrading your on-farm sale facilities or building ram sale sheds?

Over the past few years, on-farm sale facilities such as custom-designed bull sale sheds and multipurpose ram sale sheds have become popular projects for industry-leading sheep and cattle studs.

This is because these facilities provide many important benefits.

Bull sale sheds and ram sale sheds don’t just make a positive impression at your sale, a well-designed shed will become a multi-use facility that you can reap the benefits of year-round, whether it is used for storage or covered yards – or both.

If you aren’t sure if a sale shed is the right fit for your farming operation, we have collated six recent projects to show how these facilities have been successfully designed, built and implemented.

6 On-Property Bull Sale & Ram Sale Sheds to Inspire Yours

Keep reading to learn about the projects for Glatz Black Angus, Glenlea Park Merinos, Mount William Charolais, Banquet Angus, Wurrook and Athlone Poll Dorsets. 

6 On-Property Bull Sale & Ram Sale Sheds To Inspire Yours

1. 18 Metre Span Ram Sale Shed

Size: 58.5m x 18m x 4.2m 

Build Date: 2021

Location: Brimbago SA

The ram sale shed designed and built for Glenlea Park Poll Merinos provides all of the benefits of a sale shed.

  • Makes a positive impression at your on-farm sale that reflects the quality of your stud
  • A straightforward set-up of your sale beforehand and on the day
  • Helps create a low-stress environment for livestock and safer working conditions for you
  • Versatile and multipurpose investments with covered yards and machinery storage areas that can be used throughout the year
“…I wanted to do it right and make sure that it was a facility that was actually enjoyable to work in.”​
Peter Wallis
Peter Wallis
Glenlea Park

Features of this project include:

  • Skylights and hi-bay lights through the facility
  • Ridge vent in the sale area for additional airflow
  • Cantilevered canopy off the side of covered yards area for additional coverage
  • Sliding doors throughout the facility provide easy access and airflow through the shed
  • Bay spacings have been varied to accommodate the sale shed and yard layout
View the gallery and watch the video below to learn about the project in more detail.

2. 18 Metre Span Bull Sale Arena Shed

Size: 34m x 18m x 4m

Location: Willaura VIC

Build Date: January 2022

The bull sale arena shed for Mount William Charolais is a well-planned project with attention paid to even the smallest detail, including the careful thought Rob put into the placement of the building to capture the spectacular Grampians view from the sale grandstand. 

This attention to detail was also essential in our collaboration with Te Pari to ensure the shed design worked seamlessly with the yards and cattle entry into the sale ring.

“It was immensely relieving that the complex that we have invested a lot of time and energy into worked as well as it did. The comfort and the flow of the sale complex worked really well, the cattle were relaxed and comfortable, which was one of our goals.” – Rob Abbott, Mount William stud principal

View the gallery and watch the video below to learn about the project in more detail.

3. 27 Metre Span Bull Sale Arena Shed & Cattle Yard Cover

Action Steel worked with ProWay Livestock Equipment to design and build a new sale venue for Banquet Angus, with the impressive 27-metre span sale arena shed and covered cattle yards project completed in time for Banquet Angus’ 30 years celebration and their 23rd Annual Autumn On-Farm Sale.  

Size: 51m x 27m x 4.5m

Location: Mortlake VIC

Build Date: November 2021

The cattle yard cover component was designed to work seamlessly with the ProWay yards and includes features such as the southern wall enclosed for ultimate weather protection, and wall vents and sliding doors to provide airflow through the facility when needed.

Other design features and details of the project include:

  • Both skylights and hi-bay lighting are installed over the yards so that the undercover yard area can be used at any time of the day (or night!).
  • A shed eave height of 4.5 metres provides adequate clearance height for machinery access if required, while partial cladding to two sides of the cattle yard cover provides extra weather protection without completely blocking the airflow through the cover.
  • A large custom gutter system installed on both sides of the shed allows all stormwater to be run to each shed corner.
  • Cattle access the sale ring through sliding doors from the cattle yards and large door openings into the selling arena provide excellent access to the shed. 

Click through the gallery below to see the sale arena shed project in more detail.

4. 18 Metre Span Ram Sale Shed For Athlone

Built in 2019, this project effectively utilises an open-front configuration which is both a cost-efficient and a versatile option. A standard size span and 8-metre bay spacings also contribute to making this a cost-effective design.

Skylights in each bay allow the available natural light to be taken full advantage of.

Size: 40m x 18m x 5m

Location: Penhurst VIC

Build Date: February 2019

5. 21 Metre Span Ram Sale Shed For Wurrook

Size: 24m x 21m x 4.6m 

Location: Rokewood VIC

Build Date: November 2020

The sale shed complete for Wurrook is a unique design with the roof featuring a 150mm pop-top ridge vent. The benefit of this feature is the improved airflow through the facility.

This project also utilises skylights effectively, in both the roof and gable infills, which you can see in the photos in the gallery below.

Designed with the option of using it for machinery storage, the shed has 8-metre bay spacings and wide sliding door openings on each side, too. 

6. 18 Metre Span Bull Sale Arena Shed

The most recently completed on-property sale shed was the neat set-up for Glatz Black Angus at Branxholme. This was completed ahead of their inaugural Spring Cattleman’s Bull Sale. 

Size: 21m x 18m x 4.5m 

Location: Branxholme VIC

Build Date: 2023

This is another example of a carefully planned facility, right down to the finishing touches such as the Colorbond cladding and custom signage. If you are looking to make an impression at your sale that is one way to do it.

That’s a wrap on bull sale sheds and ram sale sheds! We hope you have found some inspiration for your project!

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