Maintaining Your Shed

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Shed

A shed has an important role on the farm, whether it is for shearingstoring hay or protecting machinery

For this reason, your shed needs to be kept safe and in good working order. And some of the decisions you make in the planning stage of your shed build will help with this.

Looking for ways to keep your shed is the best possible condition? Here are five tips on maintaining your shed.

First up is site preparation. 

1. Choose the right site for your shed

Choosing and preparing the site for your shed is a crucial step in the shed building process and can help keep your shed in prime condition.

A site with good drainage is important, particularly for hay sheds, grain sheds and yard covers.

For hay sheds we recommend building the shed up on a gravel pad to ensure drainage away from the shed. The site should also have good machinery and vehicle access.

For more suggestions for preparing your shed site correctly, watch the video below from Ben, one of our project managers. 

2. Repair any damage

If your shed is damaged by machinery, take a proactive approach by conducting regular repairs and preventing any further damage.

Our Custom Gutter System helps avoid broken and damaged downpipes by being plumbed to the end of the shed instead of having downpipes down the face of each columns.

For hay sheds, hay bumps can be installed to prevent potential machinery damage to the wall cladding.

3. Maintain the exterior

Keep the exterior of your shed clean by removing any build-up or dirt.

Paying attention to appearance can also help improve the market value of your shed and rural property.

Maintaining Your Shed

4. Keep surrounding area clear

Maintain your shed by keeping the site tidy and the surrounding area kept clear of rubbish.

A clear, tidy site facilitates easy access and moving of vehicles, especially in confined spaces, preventing damage to the outside of your shed and other machinery. 

Keeping the area around your shed clear and tidy is also a good fire preventative.

5. Clean the interior

As well as cleaning and repairing the exterior of your shed, the interior also needs to be kept clean, especially when using chemicals. Regular cleaning of your shed, including sweeping and power washing, removes any spills and prevents build-up of dust and mud.

When storing grain or hay, keeping the interior of your shed clean helps safeguard against contamination and infestation.

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