Machinery shed with trusses

6 Ways You Can Bird Proof Your Shed

Birds, like pigeons, starlings, sparrows or finches, can prove to be very difficult to keep out of your shed. In this article we look at ways you can bird proof your shed. 

Try these 6 tips to keep birds away and prevent them from nesting in your shed.

1. Bird spikes.

While the name sounds ominous, these ‘spikes’ are installed on the outside of the shed to act as perches for birds.

2. Electronic bird repellents.

There is a large range of devices available that use audio and visual threats to force away pest birds effectively and humanely.

3. Bird wire.

Bird wire or any kind of fine bird-proof mesh can be used to safely block pest birds from entering buildings.

4. Laser bird repellents.

These harmless electronic lasers annoy or alarm pest birds which encourages them to seek more peaceful surroundings.

5. Visual scares and predator decoys.

A simple inexpensive yet effective option is to keep birds away with predator decoys such as silhouettes of owls or reflective foil/mirror

6. Gels.

A quick Google search will bring up a variety of gel repellent products that can be applied to areas in the shed where the birds perch to discourage them from perching there again.

Machinery shed with trusses

These are general and basic suggestions but ensure that you do act when you spot birds in areas where they are unwanted because if a bird is not effectively repelled it will return every year.

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