Sheep yard suppliers

The Best Cattle & Sheep Yard Suppliers (Ratings & Reviews)

Which sheep yard supplier is best? Which company should I use for my new cattle yards? 

If you are researching cattle or sheep yard suppliers, designers or manufacturers, then this is the article for you.

As farm shed builders servicing Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, we build hundreds of cattle yard covers, sheep yard covers and shearing shed complexes every year – and, as a result, we work in with a large number of leading livestock handling equipment and yard companies across Australia. 

The yard supplier we work in with for the majority of our covered yard projects is ProWay Livestock Equipment, but some other companies we have collaborated with include Atlex and Clipex.

Sheep yard suppliers

So, if you are wondering, which cattle and sheep yard supplier is best, we have created a list of some of the most popular companies – the list includes company and product overviews, as well as ratings and reviews. 

Please note that these companies are suggestions rather than recommendations, and we have collated this information simply to help you with your project research. We hope you find the article useful.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular cattle and sheep yard suppliers in Australia, including design options and customer testimonials. 

Listed below – in alphabetical order – are eight of the most popular yard suppliers and livestock handling equipment companies.

8 Of The Most Popular Cattle & Sheep Yard Suppliers

First up is, Arrowquip Australia. 

1. Arrowquip Australia (5-star rating)

Based in Tamworth, NSW Arrowquip is a family-owned business that manufactures low-stress livestock handling equipment with the aim of helping farmers to manage their livestock efficiently and safely. 

You can learn about Arrowquip’s range of cattle yards and designs, here. Popular designs include the 30 head yard – ‘the rural classic’, the 580 head yard – ‘the cattleman’s choice’ and the 1400 head yard – ‘the ultimate breeder yard’. 

Their sheep yard designs include the 250 head yard – the ‘drover’s yard’, the 1400 head – ‘shearer’s mate’ and the 2700 head yard – ‘the pastoral package.’

For livestock operations that work both sheep and cattle, Arrowquip also offer combination yards. And Arrowquip’s product range isn’t limited to livestock yards, some of their other products include cattle crushes, lamb cradles and sheep ramps. 

Arrowquip currently have a five-star rating on Google Reviews and a 4.3-star rating on Facebook. To learn more about Arrowquip Australia, visit their website which includes case studies and resources. 

2. Atlex Stockyards (3.7-star rating)

Established in 1984 and with locations in Dubbo, Hamilton and Perth, Atlex Stockyards specialises in making your stockwork quicker, easier and safer with custom designed yards and an on-property design service. 

All Atlex sheep yards are custom-designed but they do have a few sample designs that you can work with, which you can learn about here

Their cattle yards are also designed and manufactured to order. Some of Atlex sample cattle yard designs include the ACY 220 and the ACY 460. 

As well as working with livestock enterprises, Atlex also has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and managing the implementation of large-scale facilities such as saleyards and abattoirs. 

If you are interested in hearing what Atlex customers have to say about their yards, check out video testimonials here. Atlex currently has a 3.7 star rating on Google reviews. 

3. Clipex Australia (4-star rating)

Founded in 2007, Clipex is an Australian-owned family business that specialises in both fencing and stock yards, as well as other animal handling equipment such as sheep handlers, cattle ramps and hay feeders. 

The Clipex cattle yard range includes permanent cattle yards and semi-permanent yards. The semi-permanent sheep yard range includes the s400 sheep yard, the s650 sheep yard and the s1130 sheep yard. Learn about the permanent sheep yard range here

Australian wide servicing and installation is also available for Clipex yards, and the permanent yards are built with hot-dip galvanised materials to ensure longevity. 

Clipex currently has a four-star rating on Facebook, and the Clipex YouTube channel includes a number of customer interviews and testimonials.

4. Commander Ag-Quip (5-star rating)

Commander Ag-Quip are manufacturers of Australian-made grain and livestock handling equipment, with their product range including grain augers, feed-out bins, field bins, shearing shed fit-outs – and custom designed stock yards.

The stock yard range includes:

Action Steel has also worked with Commander Ag on shearing shed projects, with Commander supplying and installing the fit-out such as their modular shearing stand system.

Along with positive customer stories and nearly 30 years’ experience in the farming industry, Commander Ag Quip have a five-star rating on Google reviews. 

5. Magnus Australia (5-star rating)

Based in Mount Pleasant, SA, Magnus Australia have been manufacturing farm equipment for over 35 years including grain feeders, hay feeders, shearing shed fit-outs and cattle yards and sheep yards. 

The Magnus sheep yard range includes portable/towable sheep yards and fixed sheep yards – some of the fixed sheep yard designs include the 500 head working sheep yard, the 700 head working sheep yard and the 1000 head working sheep yard. 

Both Magnus fixed cattle yards and fixed sheep yards are manufactured using hi-tensile BHP steel and free on-site quotes are available in South Australia. 

Magnus are also well known for their shearing shed projects in South Australia and have a five-star rating on Google reviews.

6. Norton Livestock Handling Solutions (5-star rating)

Based in Hastings, VIC and established in 1989 by Tom and Peter Russo, Norton Livestock Handling Solutions manufactures and sells gates, fittings, hay feeders, domestic gates and livestock yards.

Click the links to learn about the Norton sheep yards and cattle yards – as well as the other products they offer. The permanent yards are available in either oval rail or round pipe

Norton Livestock Handling Solutions currently has a five-star rating on Facebook. 

7. ProWay Livestock Equipment (4.8-star rating)

ProWay Livestock Equipment products include sheep yards, bulk handlers, cattle yards, loading ramps and shearing shed fit-outs and are designed and manufactured in Wagga Wagga NSW. 

Sheep yards by ProWay are designed to improve safety, stock flow and profitability and there are a number of features and design options such as rail options and drafting options, which you can learn about here.  ProWay have a number of sample sheep yard designs on their website, and also offer portable or relocatable sheep yards, too.

Click the links below to learn about ProWay Livestock cattle yards:

As well as yard cover projects, we also regularly work with ProWay on state-of-the-art shearing shed projects – such as the Salt Creek shearing shed pictured – you can see some of these here.

ProWay currently has a 4.8-star rating on Google reviews and you can hear from many of their customers on their YouTube channel. 

A 30m x 28m x 5.2m shearing shed and 34.5m x 28m x 4.2m covered yards built for Salt Creek.

And last, but not necessarily least is Stockpro 

8. Stockpro (5-star rating)

Stockpro is an Australian owned and operated family business based in Condobolin NSW that specialises in livestock handling systems. As well as sheep yards and cattle yards, their product range includes shearing stand modules, hay feeders, grain feeders and stock grids – and they also offer finance options for your project.

Stockpro sheep handling products and options include custom permanent sheep yard designs, standard sheep yard designs, portable sheep yards and sheep panels and gates. 

Similarly, the cattle yard options include custom designs, standard designs, cattle panels and gates as well as forcing yards and races – visit the Stockpro website to see their full livestock handling product range. 

Operating since 2000, Stockpro have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and currently have a five-star rating on Google reviews. 


So, that’s a wrap on eight cattle and sheep yard suppliers that you could consider for your farm! We hope you have found this information helpful – here are some other articles that you may be interested in:

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